Monitor Audio Reference 2 Power - 12387

Monitor Audio Reference 2 Power


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   Black oak Walnut

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Pack completo de altavoces 5.1.


Paquete formado por:
-1 pareja de columnas Monitor Audio MR2
-1 canal central Monitor Audio MR Centre
-1 pareja de traseros Monitor Audio MR1
-1 subwoofer Monitor Audio MR W-10


TEn evolution of the multi-award winning BR2, the MR2 tunes the considerable talents of its forerunner to a new intensity. Improved crossover and driver designs combine to re-calibrate the capabilities of an acknowledged class champion, bringing greater dynamic expression, mid-range clarity and lower distortion to lovers of music and film sound. Loaded with a 6.5” MMP® II bass driver and 1” C-CAM® tweeter, the MR2’s high quality cabinet mirrors the unobtrusive dimensions of the celebrated BR2, and so is easy to position, even in smaller rooms. Compact in size, but equipped to reproduce sound of immense stature and detail, the MR2 represents a stunning advance from every angle.


Frequency Response: 42Hz - 30kHz
Sensitivity (1W@1M): 90 dB
Nominal Impedance: 6 ohms
Power Handling (RMS): 100 W
Recommended Amplifier Requirements (RMS): 30-100W
Bass Alignment: Bass reflex. Front ported.
Drive Unit Compliment: 1 x 6.5" MMP®II bass/mid-range
1 x 1" gold dome C-CAM® Tweeter

External Dimensions incl Plinth (H x W x D)
350 x 185 x 250 mm
(13 3/4 x 7 5/16 x 9 13/16 inch)
Weight (each): 5.6 Kg (12.3 lbs)

MR Centre

For the MR centre, we’ve demolished the limitations of entry-level design by creating a speaker that not only reproduces voice with unfailing accuracy, but extends this performance to accommodate bass frequencies as well. This means the MR centre will perform brilliantly as a centre and surround speaker, underpinned by the MRW-10 subwoofer. Its system of twin 5.5” MMP® II drivers, 1” C-CAM® tweeter and upgraded crossover matches perfectly with the system architecture of other MR series speakers for pin-point imaging at any location.

Frequency Response: 60Hz - 30kHz
Sensitivity (1W@1M): 91 dB
Nominal Impedance: 6 ohms
Power Handling (RMS): 150 W
Recommended Amplifier Requirements (RMS): 40-150W
Bass Alignment: Bass reflex. Ported front and rear.
Drive Unit Compliment: 2 x 5.5" MMP®II bass mid-range
1 x 1" gold dome C-CAM® Tweeter

External Dimensions incl Plinth (H x W x D)
165 x 460 x 165 mm
(6 1/2 x 8 1/8 x 6 1/2 inch)
Weight (each): 6.2 Kg (13.6 lbs)


The diminutive MR1 allows you to enjoy high quality sound in the smallest spaces. You'll fall in love with its agile, rhythmic performance and its liberating versatility. While retaining the compact dimensions of its BR1 predecessor, this reference compact monitor delivers superior bandwidth and improved linearity, so you hear more music with greater definition than ever before. The two-way MR1 utilises a single 5.5" MMP® II bass driver and 1" C-CAM® tweeter within a system optimised for genuine fidelity wherever you place it in the home.


Frequency Response: 55Hz - 30kHz
Sensitivity (1W@1M): 88 dB
Nominal Impedance: 6 ohms
Power Handling (RMS): 70 W
Recommended Amplifier Requirements (RMS): 15-70W
Bass Alignment: Bass reflex. Rear ported.
Drive Unit Compliment: 1 x 5.5" MMP®II bass/mid-range
1 x 1" gold dome C-CAM® Tweeter

External Dimensions incl Plinth (H x W x D)
260 x 165 x 180 mm
(10 1/4 x 6 1/2 x 7 1/16 inch)
Weight (each): 3.5 Kg (7.7 lbs)


The MRW-10 subwoofer uses a 10” MMP® II driver and 100 Watt Class-D power amplifier, devised in tandem to provide superior standards of control, speed and punch. Featuring a fully integrated switch mode power supply complete with an auto-ranging voltage input, the amplifier adds grip and clean bass delivery below 30Hz.


Low Frequency Limit: 28Hz
Upper Frequency Limit: 45 - 150 Hz
Low Pass Filter Alignment: 12dB/octave filter
Cabinet Alignment: Bass reflex. 18mm construction.
Amplifier Output: 100 watts
Drive Unit Compliment: 1 x 10" Long throw driver
Input Impedance: 20K ohms
Mains Input Voltage: 110 - 120 Vac
220 - 240 Vac

External Dimensions (H x W x D)
320 x 320 x 340 mm
(12 5/8 x 12 5/8 x 13 3/8 inch)
Weight (each): 12.9 Kg (28.4 lbs)

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