Marantz SC-11S1 - 6210

Marantz SC-11S1


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The heritage of the Marantz Model 7 and Model 9, which had an enormous impact on the audio industry more than 40 years ago, is being continued with a new model stereo pre-amplifier based on Marantz’ excellent SC-7S2. Using as many components as possible from this control amplifier and the same architecture as a guideline, the result is simply outstanding. Not only technical and audiophile but economical as well. Full balanced in-current feedback, guaranteeing excellent signal integrity, Wolfson high-linear electric volume control and the new Marantz own HDAM signal amplifier, guaranteeing precision high-speed signal handling are one of the appliances that makes this amplifier a true premium product.

    * Technologies derived from SC-7S2
    * Fully balanced Current Feedback technology
    * High quality linear volume control
    * Shielded toroidal power transformer with very low impedance
    * Customized "Blue Cap" film capacitors
    * HDAM SA3: High speed amplifier module
    * Digital high quality linear volume control
    * Floating control bus system for Bi-amp or Multi channels set-up
    * Headphone out with Current Feedback
    * MM/MC phone-EQ with Current Feedback
    * Fully balanced XLR out and extra RCA pre-amp out
    * Heavy copper coated aluminium top lid


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