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WBT WBT-0780 - 5036

WBT WBT-0780

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Conector para soldar o crimpar Serie Economy Precio por unidad



» Extremely high contact pressure for spades thanks to fine thread
» One-piece clamping nut with excellent grip design
» Solder or crimp connection
» Velours chromium finish for surface protection
» Max. constant current 70 A
» Twist-proof mounting
» Puzzle plate system

Economy Pole Terminal
Copper alloy, with velours chromium finish

The clamping nut is designed to provide a perfect grip. The velours chromium finish, which also reliably prevents corrosion, gives the component a matt satin look.

Outer connection
>> 4 mm banana plug
A 4 mm banana plug can be inserted in and connected to the clamping nut.

>> Spades and crimped cable ends (up to 6 mm²/9 AWG)
You can use the clamping nut to make high-pressure spade and crimped cable end connections. The cutting edge on the pressure nut ensures a perfect connection with high conductivity and tensile strength.

Inner connection
Cables with a conductor cross section of up to 4 mm² (11 AWG) can be used on the inside.
The connections can be soldered or crimped. If you decide on soldering, WBT recommends the surface-friendly silver solder WBT-0800.

A Torx screw T.6 is additionally necessary if the crimp connection method is used.
The inner connection is fitted with an M4 thread, and this also allows direct PCB mounting. For this purpose, you additionally need the anti-fatigue bolt WBT-9102 with the fan shaped washer .

Mounting insulators are supplied and ensure not only insulated but also twist-proof mounting and polarity identification. Counter nuts, double step washers with lug and puzzle plates are also supplied. The puzzle plates can be clipped into one another. This ensures precise terminal spacing of 19 or 30 mm, but above all absolute torsion protection. The nuts on appliances with high intrinsic mechanical vibration levels like loudspeakers should be additionally secured – using the WBT serrated lock washer WBT-9150, for example. In case a fixed distance of 19 mm is required, one may use the spacer WBT-9404 and install the WBT-0780 as a double terminal. Thanks to the locking slots in the spacer the inlet opening for the connection cable can be rotated in steps of 45°.
(WBT-9404 is supplied with each end consumer package, but in general needs to be ordered separately.)

Hint for OEMs
Due to the current safety regulations, the 4 mm banana holes of WBT pole terminals should be closed using the safety stick WBT-0799.

Conductor cross-section (max.): outside: 6 mm² (9 AWG)
inside: 4 mm² (11 AWG)
Connection technology: outside: 4 mm banana plug, spades (6 - 8 mm spade), crimping
inside: crimping (Torx screw T.6 required) or soldering;
direct board mounting or using ring terminal (anti-fatigue bolt required)
Wall thickness: 0.1 - 10 mm
Identification: red, white or black
Installation: with the spacer WBT-9404 also as a double terminal
Recommended tool:

> Torx T.6 wrench WBT-0488

> Torque screwdriver WBT-0481
for professional OEM mounting

> Crimping pliers WBT-0403,
also see crimping set WBT-0411

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