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The Chord Company Silent Mount SM5 Titanium - 14926

The Chord Company Silent Mount SM5 Titanium

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Aislante para altavoces. 4 x 50mm dia rack mount.


Silent Mount

Since the introduction of spikes on the bottom of equipment tables, speakers and speaker stands there has been the problem of ensuring that everything is solid and level without damaging the floor. Over the years we have seen solutions ranging from coins through to purpose made hifi floor protectors.

The Silent Mount Floor Protectors, are definitely something very special. We were so excited when we first heard them that we have decided to import them exclusively from Japan. They are certainly not cheap, with a range of different products available from smaller Aluminium spike mounts right up to the range topping, beautiful Titanium stand spike mounts.

Technically, they appear simple, however the combination of materials, shape and complex construction, underlines the many hours of research that have gone into the finished article. The difference that they will make to your system is astonishing. To decide if they will have the positive impact on your system we believe, you will need to hear them for yourself.

Silent Mount SM5 titanium rack mounts

4 x 50mm titanium spike mounts for lightweight racks and components. Hand crafted in Japan

These are the same size as the standard steel SM5 isolation devices but they are built from titanium. Can the change of materials make a difference? Absolutely: the titanium Silent Mount SM5s are identical in size to the stainless steel SM5s but are considerable lighter. The reduced weight improves energy transfer and this is why the titanium version produces a better performance. Timing, dynamics and coherence are all improved and the image is more solid with instruments and voices well defined and accurately placed within the soundstage.

The titanium SM5s are designed to be used with any high performance rack or table.

We use them underneath an Audiophile Star Base rack in our demonstration room and we have also used them with turntable supports, where the improvements to sound quality are particularly striking. Like many upgrades it very easy to quickly get used to the big improvements that the titanium SM5s make. Taking them out of the system is genuinely surprising and leaves you in no doubt as to how much of a contribution they are making.

All Silent Mounts are supplied with a set of self adhesive thin felt pads. If the rack is sited on anything other than a carpeted floor, the felt pads should be fitted to the base of each Silent Mount. The felt pad has been specifically chosen to minimise any vibration between the Silent Mount and the floor and will ensure that you get the best performance. If the silent Mount is being used on a carpeted floor the Felt pads should not be fitted.

Each Silent Mount SMF5 titanium isolation mount will support up to 50 Kilos in weight.

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