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The Chord Company Sarum Tuned ARAY DIN-DIN - 14427

The Chord Company Sarum Tuned ARAY DIN-DIN

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Cable de interconexión DIN a DIN.


“I know they were good (The Doors) but I didn’t know they were that good! That (L A Woman) sounds just ferocious, how did they play at that intensity for seven minutes? You can hear him (Jim Morrison) yelping with the effort of it.”

Just like the RCA and XLR versions, the Sarum Tuned ARAY DIN cables bring a profound change to any system they’re used in. Whether connecting a CD or streamer to a pre amp or connecting a pre to power amp, it lets you experience the true musical capabilities of all your sources, be it CD, streamer or turntable.

The Sarum Tuned ARAY has many parts in common with the original Chord Sarum. The Tuned ARAY technology though takes the performance of the cable to a new level. The individual conductors are produced from micro polished silver-plated conductors. Insulation is foamed PTFE and the Sarum cable is fitted with the most efficient shielding we have yet used.

The Tuned ARAY cables are very, very special and the DIN version brings a level of transparency, which transforms systems and more importantly music.

Listen to it with: Why not try LA Woman, it’s spectacular.

The Cable

Chord Sarum Tuned ARAY analogue interconnects all use a unique conductor formation, developed during our research into Tuned ARAY conductor geometry. Link to Tuned ARAY the principles and the performance.

Each Sarum conductor is built using micro-polished silver-plated conductors. Insulation is gas foamed PTFE and the shielding is one of the most effective we have used, bettered only by the spiral helix shield on the Sarum Digital Tuned ARAY. The cable is built to an extremely tight tolerance and with a high degree of precision; even so, every length is carefully checked and listened to before being used.

The Plugs

The Sarum Tuned ARAY DIN cable is fitted with a specially adapted DIN plug. This requires careful machining of the rear of the plug casing and a high degree of precision assembly during the build process. The signal contacts are silver-plated and prior to the fitting of the machined plug casing, a PTFE layer is applied.

Use it with

CD players, digital to analogue converters, phono stages and rather spectacularly with pre and power amplifiers. Here, what was already good, takes on a vivid, alive, intensely musical new life. The Tuned ARAY conductor configuration, combined with the exceptional quality of the conductors, makes the Sarum a quite extraordinarily revealing interconnect with a truly transparent sound. Fit this to your system and it will open the door on your entire music collection. Link to What does it sound like

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