The Chord Company Sarum Reference Tone Arm - 14433

The Chord Company Sarum Reference Tone Arm

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“Quite extraordinary, no really. Everything I’ve played sounds new in some way, there’s so much more detail and it’s so easy to hear. The extraordinary thing though is hearing everything sound so right, so like the musicians must have meant to sound.”

The cable may be the same as the standard Sarum tone arm lead and the RCA plugs as well, but the Sarum Reference Tone arm cable uses an extra run of micro-polished silver-plated Sarum cable to very good effect. The Sarum Reference Tone Arm lead is a pseudo balanced design arm lead, and as with its interconnect counterparts, the pseudo balanced configuration more than justifies its extra cost.

The difference this makes to things like dynamics, detail and definition really do add up to an almost magical jump forward in performance. In isolation, any of these improvements are worth having but put all three together and the effect is extraordinary.

The term “rediscover your record collection” is often over-used too lightly. In this case though....

Listen to the Sarum Reference with: Something you thought you knew really well. Be surprised!

The Cable

Each Sarum conductor is built using micro-polished silver-plated conductors. Insulation is gas foamed PTFE and the shielding is one of the most effective we have used, bettered only by the spiral helix shield on the Sarum Digital Tuned ARAY. The cable is built to an extremely tight tolerance and with a high degree of precision; even so, every length is carefully checked and listened to before being used. The Sarum Reference Tone Arm lead uses four runs of cable in total, producing a cable with a truly uncompromising and transparent performance.   

The Plugs

The Sarum Reference Tone Arm lead is fitted with a Furutech tone arm plug at source, and as standard Chord ultra-low mass silver-plated RCA plugs and precision machined acrylic plug surrounds. The quality of cable construction combined with the precision machined acrylic plug surrounds make for a tone arm lead with excellent rejection of mechanical noise. Important to the performance of every cable and crucial to a tone arm lead.

The Sarum Reference Tone Arm lead can also be supplied terminated with high quality silver-plated BNC plugs in place of the RCA connectors fitted as standard.

Use it with

This is a remarkable cable and because of its uncompromising design, we strongly recommend that the Sarum Reference Tone Arm lead is fitted by your local turntable specialist. The results though are well worth the effort. We think this is one of the most truly transparent tone arm leads available.

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