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The Chord Company HDMI Active Resolution.

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Cable HDMI High Speed. 4k Ethernet


Silver-plated oxygen free copper signal conductors
Low loss gas foamed insulation, high frequency effective signal path shielding
High quality gold-plated die-cast connectors
Active signal enhancing network improves sound and picture quality
Supports Ethernet and audio return (HEAC)
1080p 3D and higher resolution formats to 4kx2k, supports all HDMI audio formats
High speed / Ethernet performance to 20 metres

Not content with re-designing its entry level HDMI cable, The Chord Company has also revised and improved its acclaimed and award-winning HDMI Active cable. The new HDMI Active Resolution features a redesigned chipset that is small enough to fit within the HDMI plug and powerful enough to provide high speed HDMI and Ethernet signals over lengths of up to 20 metres. Like previous versions of the HDMI Active, the Active Resolution features silver-plated, oxygen free copper conductors for all critical signal paths. Signal insulation is gas foamed polyethylene and to ensure a reliable installation, the revised plug design features a strong metal outer shell and die-cast, gold-plated plugs.

The big news here is that the revised chipset has allowed The Chord Company to produce the Active Resolution using cable of only 6mm in diameter. Lengths of up to 8 metres are now possible without compromising either sound or picture quality. The 10m, 15m and 20m versions use slightly heavier gauge conductors, but even these are less than 9mm in diameter. The revised chipset and its positioning within the HDMI plug means that the Active Resolution no longer needs the filter block positioned on the cable, making installation easier still.

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