The Chord Company Epic Twin - 4345

The Chord Company Epic Twin


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2mm diameter silver-plated oxygen free copper conductors
Twisted pair configuration
Silicone internal jacket
High frequency effective dual foil and braid shielding system
Vibration damping translucent PVC outer jacket

Chord Epic speaker cable is the result of a successful marriage of two of Chord's award winning speaker cables. The silver-plated oxygen free copper conductors, Teflon insulation and silicone surround are borrowed from Chord Odyssey speaker cable and the shielding system is taken from the Chord Signature speaker cable. The development and success of Signature speaker cable proved conclusively that shielding speaker cable could bring some serious improvements to sound quality. The lessons learnt during its development means that we can now apply the same principles to other cables within the Chord range. Chord Epic is a highly effective shielded cable with many of the performance characteristics of the more expensive Chord Signature.
Fitting shielding systems to speaker cables can bring the same sort of benefits to the sound of a system that improving the shields on interconnects does. The lower levels of interference and the resulting lower noise floor bring obvious improvements to the high frequency performance but it is the jump in performance across the bass and mid frequencies that really surprises listeners. The space and the extra harmonic content that Epic can bring to a system allows bass instruments to breathe properly. The complex harmonic information that makes up the timbre of cellos, violins and violas is carried extremely accurately, likewise piano.
The lower noise floor also makes micro-dynamic information far easier to hear and it is far simpler to follow, understand and ultimately become more involved in even the most complex pieces of music.
Chord Epic is available in two configurations:

Epic Twin is a dual conductor cable with an overall diameter of 11mm.

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