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Teac WAP-AX100

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Reproductor inalámbrico de audio compatible con PC/NAS, radio por internet, 2x50W.


WAP-AX100 - Wireless Audio Receiver with Integrated Amplifier


Wireless Audio Receiver with 2 x 50 Watt Amp
As a member of the WAP-AR/AX family, the WAP-AX100 shows the same comfortable features like TEAC´s wireless Audio Streamer WAP-AR100, but is additionally equipped with a 2 x 50 Watt amplifier. The amp is based on ICEpower technology which offers exceptional impressing sound experiences. This patented technology combines highest efficiency, low energy consumption, and exceptional sound quality with minimum space requirements. With the touch remote control units WAP-8600BRC and/or the WAP-9500 all receivers can be controlled easily from the sofa.

•Wireless Audio Receiver with integrated 2x 50 watts amplifier
•Revolutionary ICEpower technology by Bang&Olufsen
•Control via Remote of WAP-8600
•Supports: AAC, MP3, OGG, WMA, WAV, FLAC
WAP-Viewer Function
Most of TEAC's WAP-SMR (Smart Media Receivers: WAP-8500SMR, WAP-8600SMR, WAP-AR100, WAP-AX250 und WAP-AX100) have implemented a WAP-Viewer function. This function software allows you to duplicate the WAP-BRC (Remote Control) screen on your Windows-, MAC OSX-, Linux PC (Desktop, Notebook, Netbook), your smartphone (iTouch®/iPhone®/iPad®, Android® and WindowsMobile®Phone) and remotely control it through any of these devices. Please find WAP Viewer manual and software in the download area below.
AUPEO! Personal Radio
The free and easy way to discover music you’re sure to love. AUPEO! saves you the time of listening to thousands of songs by creating a handpicked music program that perfectly suits your taste. Influence your personal radio program on your WAP-8600 and in the web.
Your guide to Internet streamed media
Enjoy thousands of Internet radio stations, TV shows and podcasts on your connected device.
Music Server
Thanks to the integrated Twonkymedia Serversoftware (for PC/ MAC/ Linux) the WAP-AR100 has one of the most modern and multiple excellent technologies for the home network.
With additional Receivers and just one remote control you could arrange music all over your place.
WAP-AX100 for your Home Network
All you need to enjoy TEAC´s wireless audio players is a home network. Than a PC/NAS or notebook to function as your media server. TEAC´s wireless audio players access your music library on your PC/NAS, from a connected external USB device or internet radio stations directly from the web.

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