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Versátil Network Player con calidad Premium. Dual-monaural USB DAC. Spotify Connect, Radio por internet, Bluetooth, DSD compatible con 11.2MHz y 32-bit/384kHz PCM.

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High-performance VERITA AK4490 DACs support 11.2MHz DSD and 32-bit/384kHz PCM
The key to a great-sounding digital audio system is the DAC. The NT-503 employs a pair of VERITA AK4490 DACs, designed by Asahi Kasei Microdevices Corporation.

The VELVET SOUND architecture on the AK4490 is capable of produce fine-detailed expression of sound even outside the human audible range to make Hi-Res Audio playback sound its best. Its newly developed Low Distortion Technology boats 112dB of S/(N+D), the highest level in the industry for a 120dB-class DAC.

In addition to 11.2MHz DSD Native playback, the NT-503 also supports a wide variety of Hi-Res Audio sources, including 32-bit/384kHz PCM. Smooth details and outstanding sense of sound placement are reproduced at the limits of Hi-Res Audio.

The AK4490 is a product in the Audio4pro™ family brand developed by Asahi Kasei Microdevices Corporation for professional audio equipment and high-end digital audio applications.

DSD and 8x PCM Up-conversion Improves Your Entire Digital Library
The NT-503 includes TEAC’s latest FPGA (programmable IC) with our exclusive Fluency up-conversion algorithm. In addition to the 2x, 4x, and 8x PCM up-conversion processing, DSD up-conversion is also supported as high as 12.2MHz (4x DSD). Thanks to this unique system, the NT-503 up-converts 16-bit/44.1kHz data from a conventional CD into 11.2MHz DSD – over 256 times the data. Audio data higher than 20kHz is produced by an analogical interpolation algorithm to restore natural sound as close as the original one. You will experience the dense sense of air that the DSD format inherently has, even when listening to CD or MP3 from your huge music collection.

High-precision 44.1kHz and 48kHz On-board Internal Clocks, and 10MHz External Clock Input
The NT-503 hosts a pair of sample clocks, one each for multiples of 44.1kHz and 48kHz. In addition, a 10MHz clock input allows the DAC to be connected to Rubidium or GPS clocks for calibration or constant use.

PCM/DSD Filters Provide a Multifaceted Personality from a Single Unit
In addition to four types of PCM digital filters and an OFF mode, the unit has two types of DSD digital filters. Choose the best filter for the input file format and type of music. You can enjoy the subtle sound nuances of different filters without needing to connect different USB DACs.
FIR SHARP An FIR filter with a steep roll-off sharply cuts signals outside the audio band.*
FIR SLOW An FIR filter with a slow roll-off gently cuts signals outside the audio band.*
SDLY SHARP A short delay filter with a steep roll-off sharply cuts signals outside the audio band.*
SDLY SLOW A short delay filter with a slow roll-off gently cuts signals outside the audio band.*


* These filters are all applicable to all PCM data except for 352.8kHz and 384kHz.

All-new Dual-monaural Circuit Design for Outstanding Performance
Behind the best-in-class performance of the NT-503 is an all-new, lavish dual-monaural circuit design. From the power supply through the DAC units and analog output stage, the circuitry is a mirrored pair of perfectly matched components. A pair of high-efficiency Toroidal-core power transformers and high-performance VERITA AK4490 DAC chips, for example, are installed on each channel as a single monaural circuit, preventing one audio signal from interfering the other.

"TEAC-HCLD" Quad Enhanced-Current Output Buffer Circuits
Based on TEAC’s decades of experience in high-end audio design, the analog amplifier section employs a pair of discrete enhanced-current buffer amplifiers. The “TEAC-HCLD” (High Current Line Driver) circuits on each channel enhances transient character by processing a differential drive in balanced output mode and parallel drive in unbalanced output mode. As results, the NT-503 delivers the wide dynamic range the original Hi-Res Audio data without losing dynamism of music.

Isolated Grounds for Digital and Analog Sections
Between the digital and analog sections, the NT-503 employs a Digital Isolator to completely isolate each power supply path and the ground. All digital noise from digital sources, particularly a PC plugged into the USB input, is prevented from entering the analog section through a power supply path or the ground. An isolation circuit offers significant benefit particularly when playing back Hi-Res Audio sources that have higher sampling frequency.

Dual Toroidal-core Power Transformers for Each Channel
The NT-503 accommodates a high-capacity Toroidal-core power transformer on both left and right channels, to supply clean and stable current independently on the dual-monaural design concept. Each power unit ensures a stable current supply to each channel without being influenced by changes in current consumption from the other channel's signal. The dual power supply deign normally reserved for large, high-end components is applied here for peak performance.

Volume Display on OLED for Excellent Visibility
The organic electroluminescent display (OELD) with a 4-level dimmer provides high contrast and excellent visibility. A large-sized font allows you to check the volume level even from across the room.

Hi-Res Audio Playback from PC via USB Cable
With a single USB Cable, Hi-Res Audio data including 11.2MHz DSD and 32-bit/384kHz PCM can be played back without complex settings. TEAC offers a free music app, "TEAC HR Audio Player,” for Windows and Macintosh systems. It allows listeners to create, save, and recall their own playlists, or simply just drag-and-drop music files to the playlist window.
* A driver is required on Windows.

High-res Audio Streaming via Network
The NT-503 is a versatile network player that offers network audio capability with DLNA 1.5. Hi-Res Audio formats such as 5.6MHz DSD and 24-bit/192kHz WAV/FLAC can be played back from a PC or NAS (Network Attached Server.) Playback can be controlled with a free app for iOS or Android, “TEAC HR Remote”.

Gapless playback is also supported when playing back files of the same sampling frequency, even if the file format varies between WAV, FLAC, AAC, Apple Lossless, WMA, OGG Vorbis, and MP3.

High-quality Wireless Streaming via Bluetooth®
The NT-503 supports Bluetooth® wireless connection using advanced codec technologies like aptX®, AAC, and SBC for the best audio performance possible. Enjoy high-quality music streaming from your smartphone or tablet.
* The NT-503 does not support wireless audio transmission to Bluetooth® Wireless Headphones.

Front USB port for Hi-Res Audio Playback
The NT-503's USB port on front panel supports 5.6MHz DSD and 192kHz PCM stored on a USB Flash Memory, as well as conventional MP3 and WMA files. The free app "TEAC HR Remote" for iOS/Android turns your smartphone and tablet into a touch-screen remote controller to browse and select music files on the USB Flash Memory. Gapless playback is also supported when playing back the same sampling frequency files between, WAV, FLAC, AAC, Apple Lossless, WMA, OGG Vorbis, and MP3.

Music Streaming from your iOS/Android Devices
The free apps "TEAC HR Remote" for iOS and "TEAC AVR Remote" for Android allows the NT-503 to subscribe on-line music services like Pandora*, Sirius/XM*, Spotify*, Deezer*, and Slacker*. In addition, access the Internet radio portal* that provides over 100,000 radio stations and 4 million podcasts all over the world for free. Since the NT-503 directly receives those streaming signal from Internet, – not via your smartphone or tablet – your ringtone will not interrupt the music.
*Not all On-line music services are available in every country, and not every function is supported on the TEAC AVR Remote.

Carefully Designed Pre-amplifier Circuit Produces the Fine Details of DSD
The NT-503's high-quality analog output circuit, based around its dual-monaural design and the “TEAC-HCLD” circuit, creates the ideal pre-amplifier unit. The NT-503 delivers both balanced and unbalanced audio signals, either at at "Fixed (±0dB)", "Fixed (+6dB)" , or "Variable" to connect to a power amplifier. In addition to these settings, the "Off" setting disables audio signals to the rear connectors, consentrating its performance on the headphone output.

Pre-amp Circuits Based on “TEAC-QVCS” High-precision Volume Control
In the pre-amp section, the NT-503 employs the “TEAC-QVCS” (Quad Volume Control System), a fully-balanced circuit design from the output of the D/A Converters and Volume Amplifier section. Control signals from the volume knob precisely control four independent variable-gain amplifiers simultaneously — both positive and negative for the left and right channels. With this circuit design, audio signal paths are simplified and independant left and right channels and phase is preserved for clear sound quality with outstanding channel separation. (This does not apply to unbalanced analog input.)

This “TEAC-QVCS” also provides 256 steps or 0.5dB steps of volume control, precisely throughout the effective range from -95dB to +24dB. Both the line output and headphone volume can be controlled to the exact level you wish with a remote control, something that's difficult to achieve with a motorized volume control. This feature becomes even more useful when connecting various types of headphones with different impedances.

Headphone Amplifier Shares the “TEAC-HCLD” Circuits for High-quality Headphone Listening
Like the UD-503, the NT-503 also employs a high-performance headphone amplifier that delivers 500mW+500mW of output power. The “TEAC-HCLD” circuits, based around four output transistors in parallel-drive mode, drive conventional single-ended headphones powerfully and precisely. In addition, a uniquely-designed class-AB amplifier with extended class-A operation range allows the NT-503 to process most part of amplification process in class-A mode, and maximizes potential of wide range of headphones, including 600 ohms high-impedance ones.

Features at-a-glance To Top

USB DAC supporting 11.2MHz DSD Native Playback and 32-bit/384kHz PCM, from PC via a single USB Cable
5.6MHz DSD and 24-bit/192kHz WAV/FLAC Streaming Playback via LAN (DLNA1.5 Compatible Remote Playback, and Home Media Playback)
5.6MHz DSD and 24-bit/192kHz WAV/FLAC Playback from USB Flash Memory
High-quality Wireless Playback via Bluetooth® supporting aptX®, AAC and SBC Codec
Access to the Internet Radio Stations*
Access to online music services; Pandora, Sirius/XM, Spotify, Deezer, and Slacker (US model)*
Access to online music services; Spotify and Deezer (EUR model)*
Access to the aerial digital broadcasting stations on DAB and DAB+ (NT-503DAB model)
Free Remote App for iOS and Android
Free Music Playback App for Windows/Mac, supporting 11.2MHz DSD
Dual D/A Converters AK4490 from Asahi Kasei Microdevices Corporation
DSD and PCM Filters for Multifaceted Personality on a Single Unit
10MHz External Clock Input for more precise clock operation (Applicable for USB Asynchronous Mode only)
High-precision On-board Clocks for 44.1kHz system and 48kHz system (Applicable for USB Asynchronous Mode only)
Up-conversion to 12.2MHz DSD and 384kHz PCM for finer detail
"TEAC-HCLD" Quad Buffer Amplifier Circuits for enhanced current
"TEAC-QVCS" High-precision Volume Control Circuits
XLR Balanced and RCA Unbalanced Line Outputs with Fixed (0dB, +6dB) or Variable Output Level Settings
Switchable XLR Polarity (2:HOT or 3:HOT)
USB B-type Port for PC Streaming, Ethernet Port for Network Streaming, and Coaxial and Optical Digital Inputs
Gapless Playback when playing back from USB Flash Memory, DLNA and Home Media (Applicable on the same sampling frequency files between, WAV, FLAC, AAC, Apple Lossless, WMA, OGG Vorbis, and MP3.))
Coaxial/Optical Digital Input on Front for Connection with Portable Digital Audio Player
Discrete Headphone Amplifier with 500mW + 500mW Output Power supports Parallel Unbalanced Drive
Large Volume Display on Multi-function OLED with Excellent Visibility (4-step Dimmer incl. Display-Off)
Low Power Consumption with Auto Power Saving
Robust Full-metal Body Eliminates Exogenous Noise with Elegant Appearance
Compliant with RoHS


USB Section
USB (Rear)
Connector USB B-type x 1 (USB2.0)
Supported Formats
(Detail) DSD (dsf, dsdiff), PCM
Recommended Software TEAC HR Audio Player (Windows, Macintosh)
USB (Front)
Connector USB A-type x 1 (USB2.0)
Supported Media USB Flash Memory
Supported Formats
(Detail) DSD (dsf), WAV, FLAC, AAC, Apple Lossless, WMA Lossless, WMA Standard, OGG Vorbis, MP3
Network Section
Connector RJ-45 (100Base-T)
DLNA Remote Play DLNA 1.5 complied
Supported Formats
(Detail) DSD (dsf), PCM, WAV, FLAC, AAC, Apple Lossless, WMA Lossless, WMA Standard, OGG Vorbis, MP3
Home Media
Supported Formats
(Detail) DSD (dsf), WAV, FLAC, AAC, Apple Lossless, WMA Lossless, WMA Standard, OGG Vorbis, MP3
Bluetooth® Section
Version, Class V3.0, Class2
Supported Profile A2DP, AVRCP
Supported Codec aptX®, AAC, SBC
A2DP Content Protection SCMS-T
Number of Pairing Devices Max. 8 devices
Internet Music Services
Supported Services A free iOS/Android App "TEAC HR Remote" is required to access these services.
US/Canada Pandora (accessible from US only), Sirius/XM, Deezer, Spotify, Slacker
UK/Europe Deezer, Spotify
Digital Audio Inputs
Coaxial Digital (Rear)
Connector RCA Pin jack x 1
Input Level 0.5 Vp-p
Input Impedance 75 ohms
Supported Formats
(Detail) DSD (dsf, dsdiff), PCM
Optical Digital (Rear)
Connector TOS-link x 1
Input Level -24.0 to -14.5 dBm peak
Supported Formats
(Detail) DSD (dsf, dsdiff), PCM
Coaxial/Optical Digital (Front)

Connector 1/8" (3.5mm) Coaxial Digital/Optical Mini jack x 1 (compatible)
Input Level
Coaxial Digital 0.5 Vp-p
Optical Digital -24.0 to -14.5 dBm peak
Input Impedance 75 ohms (Coaxial Digital)
Supported Formats
(Detail) DSD (dsf, dsdiff), PCM
Analog Audio Outputs
Balanced Output
Connector XLR 3-32 jack x 1 pair (Gold-plated)
Output Impedance 188 ohms
Maximum Output Level 2.0 Vrms (1kHz, Full-scale, 10k ohms loaded, 0 dB Fixed Level)
4.0 Vrms (1kHz, Full-scale, 10k ohms loaded, +6 dB Fixed Level)
12.0 Vrms (1kHz, Full-scale, 10k ohms loaded, Variable Level)
Unbalanced Output
Connector RCA Pin jack x 1 pair (Gold-plated)
Output Impedance 150 ohms
Maximum Output Level 2.0 Vrms (1kHz, Full-scale, 10k ohms loaded, 0 dB Fixed Level)
4.0 Vrms (1kHz, Full-scale, 10k ohms loaded, +6 dB Fixed Level)
6.0 Vrms (1kHz, Full-scale, 10k ohms loaded, Variable Level)
Headphone Output
Connector 1/4" (6.3mm) Stereo jack x 1 (Gold-plated)
Maximum Output Level 500 mW + 500 mW (32 ohms loaded)
Supported Headphone Impedance 16 to 600 ohms
Clock Input
Connector BNC jack x 1 (Gold-plated)
Input Frequency 10 MHz
Input Impedance 50 ohms
Input Level
Rectangle Wave TTL Level or equivalent
Sine Wave 0.5 to 1.0 Vrms
Audio Performance
Frequency Response 5Hz to 80kHz (+1dB/-3dB)
Signal-to-Noise Ratio 110 dB (A-weighted, 1kHz)
Total Harmonic Distortion 0.0015% (1kHz, LPF: 20Hz to 20kHz)
Audio Settings
Up-conversion x8, x4 , x2, Off (Switchable)
Digital Filters
DSD Cut-off Filters 50kHz, 150kHz (Switchable)
PCM Digital Filters FIR Sharp, FIR Slow, Short-delay Sharp, Short-delay Slow (Switchable)
Line Output RCA, XLR2 (HOT 2), XLR (HOT 3) (Switchable)
Line Output Level 0dB Fixed, +6dB Fixed, Variable, Off (Switchable)
Supported OS
Windows Windows 10 (32/64-bit), Windows 8.1 (32/64-bit),
Windows 8 (32/64-bit), Windows 7 (32/64-bit)
Macintosh El Capitan (10.11.1), Yosemite(OS X10.10), Mavericks(OS X10.9),
Mountain Lion(OS X10.8), Lion(OS X10.7)
Operation Power
US/Canada AC 120V, 60Hz
UK/Europe AC 220 - 240V, 50/60Hz
Power Consumption 18 Watts (0.4 Watts at Standby mode, 3 Watts at Network Standby mode)
Overall Dimensions
(including protrusions) 11.4" (W) x 3.2" (H) x 9.8" (D)
290 (W) x 81.2 (H) x 248.7 (D) mm
Weight 8.6 lbs. / 3.9 kg
Accessories RCA-Mini plug Cable, Remote Control (RC-1320), AAA Batteries x 2,
Power Cord, Owner's Manual (including Warranty Card)


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