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Supra Cables SWORD - 8970

Supra Cables SWORD

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Juego  cables de altavoz Supra Sword


*Supra have developed many ideas for their cables over the past 25+ years since the company's' founding. And now one of the results of it's investment in Research and Development is the Supra Sword cable, designed by Johnny Svard (Svard is Swedish for Sword !!).

Sword is a speaker cable made from 24 conductors - 12 are wound one way (say clockwise) and the other 12 are wound counter-clockwise. When terminated (in the factory) great care is taken to ensure that all 24 conductors are in correct electrical and mechanical contact with the terminations.

This helps to ensure that the cable has absolutely no inductance. And as you may recall from your school days, with high level signals, inductance has one of the largest effects on the "sound" of speaker cables (and how they interact between the output stages of the amplifier and the passive components on the speaker cross-over network).

By reducing the speaker cable inductance to a negligible amount, Supra can claim to have a speaker cable that introduces no effects of it's own into the sound of the system. Thereby allowing the main components of the system to work harmoniously together.

Basic features:

Cross-sectional area = 3mm (12 AWG)
Number of wires (per cable) = 12+12
Insulation: PE
Jacket: Heat/Aging resistant PVC
External Cable Size: 9.3 x 18.4 mm
Cable Connection: Gas tight crimping
Resistance: 5.2 ohms / km
Inductance: 0.25 uH / m

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