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Supra Cables EFF-IXLR - 6153

Supra Cables EFF-IXLR

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Cable de interconexion XLR *disponible en varias medidas.


EFF–I is a 75 ohm Interconnect cable for RCA interfaced analogue audio signals. The Supra EFF Concept The dynamic influence of the skin effect has a great influence on the performance, as the signal is nothing but variations. By means of the Equalized Frequency Flow technique (EFF), Supra takes skin effect into account.

The EFF cable consists of two tube shaped conductors with a wall thickness of 0.20 mm. This makes signals at all frequencies operate under the same conditions. The silver plating of the conductors will also enhance the high frequency properties of the cable. Semi–balanced connection configuration makes the EFF cable immune to electro–magnetic interference, i.e. makes it noise free. It means that the screens are connected to earth at only one end of the cable, so there is no signal through the screens, but they serve only as screens. The earth connection is at the end where the marking text starts. Connect the earthed end to the signal source.

One of our best analogue interconnect. Multi test winner and our most sold interconnect. EFF–IXLR is an interconnect pair with Supra Swift XLR plugs, made for analogue applications. Balanced.

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