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Stewart LXW-092 - 7073

Stewart LXW-092

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Pantalla de video proyeccion 16:9 HD. Motorizada, tensionada, preparada para intemperie. 92'' * Consultar acabado area proyeccion


Do you love being outdoors on your spacious patio? Maybe you have an amazing view of the mountains or live right along the shore. Ever wonder how you can entertain your friends and family outside during SuperBowl Sunday or watch a movie while feeling the refreshing ocean breeze?

Who better than Stewart, leaders in projection screen technology, to come up with the perfect entertainment solution that addresses the growing trend in outdoor living? Stewart’s weather-resistant Oasis is capable of creating an exciting, upcale outdoor living space.

The Oasis screen is an electronically controlled retractable screen based on the company’s popular Luxus Model A Electriscreen (LX Model). However, the Oasis is designed specifically for outdoor use and is resistant to corrosion and other outdoor elements.

Like all Stewart screens, the Oasis can be custom manufactured for a client’s specific requirements including screen size and aspect ratio. The screen housing is available in black or white, and any of Stewart’s front or rear projection materials may be used.      
• Weatherized construction
• Electronically controlled retractable screen system
• 3-1/4” diameter roller tube with sound-dampening insulated screen drive
• Aluminum extrusion housing with matte-black painted finish
• Tab-Guy tensioning system ensures smooth surface and eliminates edge curl
• Choose from a variety of Stewart’s front projection materials
• Black-drop/overscan border above image*
• Matte-black overscan borders on sides and bottom
• Ceiling and wall mount hardware
• 3-position high voltage wall switch (HVS)
CUSTOM OPTIONS: (available by factory quotation)
• Custom sizes and aspect ratios
• Rear projection models
• Acoustic perforations on front projection model
• Hanging (Eyebolts)
• Custom housing colors
• Quiet motor technology and custom control options

* It is important to add only the amount of black drop needed. Side and bottom masking determined by the amount of black drop and image size.

Electrically controlled screen system Included
Extruded aluminum housing/case Included
3-1/4 inch roller tube with insulated drive Included
Tab-Guy™ tensioning system Included
Matte black over-scan border* Included
Front projection Included
Rear projection Optional
Microperf X2 Optional
120 Volt or 220 Volt Included
HVS (high voltage 3-position switch)
(optional control systems available upon request)

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