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Stewart LXC-135 - 250

Stewart LXC-135

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Pantalla de video proyeccion 16:9 HD. Motorizada y tensionada 135'' * Consultar acabado area proyeccion


The Luxus Model A is ideally used in multi-purpose applications within the home or professional atmosphere. This basic style electronically controlled retractable model allows you the option of having the screen disappear when not in use.

The Luxus Model A is available with variety of Stewart's front or rear projection materials. Our exclusive Tab-Guy™ tensioning system ensures a smooth and completely flat screen surface. Matte black over-scan borders* provide a perfectly masked image area.

    * Electronically controlled retractable screen system
    * 3-1/4 inch diameter roller tube with sound-dampening insulated screen drive
    * Aluminum extrusion housing/case (choose a black or white finish)
    * Available with a variety of Stewart’s award winning front and rear projection materials
    * Exclusive Tab-Guy™ tensioning system ensures a smooth flat and screen surface
    * Matte black over-scan border* provides for a perfectly masked image area
    * Mount to the wall, ceiling, or hang with eyebolts
    * Standard 3-position high voltage wall switch (HVS) included (optional controls available upon request)
    * Quiet motor technology is offered when silent screen operation is required
    * Luxus Model A Classic is available when larger size or reverse roll option is needed

Luxus Model A Case

Stewart Filmscreen is synonymous for superior quality, custom craftsmanship and long, trouble-free product life. As every Stewart product is handcrafted, custom sizes & configurations are easily accommodated. Contact your local Stewart Representative today and let us build one for you!

Electronically Controlled Screen System Included
Aluminum Extrusion Housing/Case Included
3-1/4 inch Roller Tube with Insulated drive Included
Tab-Guy™ Tensioning System Included
Matte Black Over-Scan Border* Included
Front Projection Included
Rear Projection Optional
Microperf X2 or Cinemaperf Optional
Wall/Ceiling/Eyebolts Included
120 Volt or 220 Volt Included
Quiet Motor Technology Optional
HVS (High Voltage 3-Position Switch) Included
(optional control systems available upon request)
Height: 5.25" (133.35 mm)
Depth: 5.50" (139.70 mm)

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