Sennheiser CH 800 S - 14925

Sennheiser CH 800 S

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Cable para auriculares Sennheiser HD 800.


Sennheiser HD800 - 6966

Sennheiser HD800

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The new CH 650 S, CH 700 S and CH 800 S high-end cables are fitted with a four-pole plug to ensure that they are optimally matched to the fully symmetrical principle of Sennheiser's headphone amplifiers, thus providing symmetrical signal transmission from the source to the headphones.

The new high-end cables are made of oxygen-free copper (OFC).
CH 700 S and CH 800 S versions are additionally coated with silver, which further minimises resistance during audio transmission.
At the amplifier end, a four-pole XLR plug with gold-plated Neutrik inserts ensures optimum sound,
The headphone end of the cable has headphone-model-specific gold plated plugs.
The CH 800 S is for the HD 800 comes with high-quality ODU connectors from medical technology.

Number of Leads 4 Silver Plated OFC
Lead material Silver Plated Copper (OFC)
Shielding yes
Stranding Technology Two Double Twisted Pairs
Cable length 3m
Plugs 4pole XLR / 2 ODU Connectors
Weight 130g

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