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Pro-Ject KIT-BASIC - 15616


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Kit compuesto por:
Bolsa,nivel,grasa de mantenimiento, bascula de ajuste,disco test,disco strobe  y herraminta.


• Pro-Ject LP-Bag Tasche

• Vinyl-Audiophile-Spectrum

• Vinyl-Essential-Test-Rec

• Strobe-it

• Adjust-it

• Level-it

• Measure-it 2

• Grease-it

Audiophile pressing:

• 180 gr. Virgin Vinyl

• Direct from the analogue master-tape

• Reference test record

• Limited edition

• Luxury gate-fold cover

• Made in Austria

- On Broadway            Pusching/Swallow/Alias/Lewis- Besame Mucho          Linda Sharrock/The Chants Band- Fracanapa             Preinfalk/Schmid/Paier/Mathisen- Rölmo                  Melo X- Smoke                  Sabina Hank Trio- Golden Moments         Vienna Art Orchestra- Air, Love & Vitamins   Muthspiel/Johnson/Blade- In A Sentimental Mood Pusching/Swallow- Call & Response       Gansch & Roses- Lucky Southern         Rudy Linka

=> Stage feeling

=> Dynamic range

=> 3D positioning

=> Timbre

=> Transparency

=> Bass resolution

Thrilled by the idea of Heinz Lichtenegger from Pro-Ject Audio this sampler starts a series of analogue re-releases, „The audiophile

spectrum“ perfectly combines terrific jazz music and outstanding sound quality and can also be used as test record!.

Austrias leading jazz musivians around the famous „Vienna Art Orchestra“ took part in this „live in the studio“ recordings. The

music on this album is vivid and dynamic and shows all facetts of modern jazz music with loads of groove and drive, but also

delicate and gentle melodic. All recordings are totally analogue using the best microphones and analogue tape recorders.

*• Adjust-it

• Suitable for all Pro-Ject tonearms

• Allows fine adjustment of bearings, if misadjusted

• Caution: for qualified personnel only

• Includes 2 inserts for different bearings

• Full metal (aluminium & brass)

Precision machined tonearm bearing fine adjustment tool!

Fits all Pro-Ject tonearms and allows qualified personnel to optimise bearing adjustment,when bearings are misadjusted, because of unassured transport of a turntable. If you are not sure about correct adjustment, please contact your local dealer!

CAUTION! Misuse of this adjustment tool may damage tonearm bearings!

*Electronic stylus balance

• 4 digit LCD-Display with backlight

• Capacity 0 - 5g

• Variance ±0,002g

• Auto calibration function

• Auto off after 120 seconds

• Replacement batteries supplied

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