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Primare Pre 32+A 34.2


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Conjunto Primare compuesto por: Preamplificador Pre 32 (Entradas 2 XLR, 4 RCA. Salidas 2 RCA y 1 XLR) + Etapa de potencia  A 34.2 (2x150 W).


Pre 32

The PRE32 is an upgradable audiophile pre-amplifier designed to match the Primare A34.2 and all Primare power amplifiers. It features the comprehensive OLED display and control parameters established by the EISA award-winning I32 integrated amplifier. The PRE32 is housed in a heavy gauge alloy steel chassis, and incorporates two pairs (L/R) of low-noise balanced XLR inputs and 4 pairs of RCA inputs. In addition there are two pairs of RCA outputs and a single pair of balanced XLR outputs, as well as a record output, RS232, trigger, IR and RF inputs. The option of an upgrade board offering MEDIA/streaming connections such as USB, iPod, LAN etc., is provided.

Analogue Inputs 2 pair XLR (L & R) 4 pair RCA (L & R)
Other In/outputs RS232, IR in/out, Trigger in/out, RF.
Optional Media i/o module Spec to follow
Input Impedance 15k Both RCA and XLR
Analogue Record Output 1 pair RCA (L & R)
Pre Output 2 pair RCA (L & R), 1 pair XLR (L & R)
Output Impedance 110 ohms
Frequency Response 20Hz – 100kHz -3dB
THD + N < 0.003%, 20Hz – 100kHz, 0dB gain.
Signal to Noise -115 dBV
Max in /out level 10Vrms
Gain 16dB
Power Consumption Standby: 0.2W; Operate: 23W
Dimensions (wxdxh) 430 x 385 x 105mm
Weight 10.5 kg

A 34.2

The A34.2 is a 2 x 150 watt stereo power amplifier utilising proprietary UFPD technology. It is designed to provide high power output with very low distortion for Primare’s PRE32 audiophile preamplifier and all other preamps, as well as multi-channel audio processors. UFPD’s instantaneous rise time results in a naturally fast, clean and agile sound over a much wider frequency range and with exceptional headroom. Ecologically the A34.2 is far superior to conventional Class A/B designs being extremely efficient without generating excessive heat.

Audiophile Topology
The A34.2 houses two discrete UFPD amplifiers housed in a heavy gauge alloy steel chassis, which provides strength, rigidity, and screening, while being effective at damping vibrations from external sources. Each channel incorporates unbalanced (RCA) and balanced (XLR) inputs, as well as high quality gold plated speaker terminals, trigger and RS232 control inputs.
The A34.2 can easily be switched to bridged mode and will then provide one fully balanced mono channel capable of delivering up to 550W into 8ohms.
Balanced signal transmission means that two identical signal lines are used to carry the same signal with opposite phase. Any noise is common to both lines and is present in equal amounts with identical phase. At the receiving end a (differential) receiver retains the opposite phase signals (music) and rejects the common phase ones (noise), leaving only the pure original signal. Balanced circuits therefore keep the signal as free as possible from interference.

All audio signal switching between bridged or stereo mode, unbalanced (RCA) or balanced (XLR) inputs is carried out using high performance signal relays.
The A34.2 incorporates a preamp stage comprising Burr-Brown OPA2134 and Analogue Devices AD8512 OP-amps that automatically maintains a constant gain of 30dB (unbalanced) and 24dB (balanced), while stabilising input impedance at 15kohm in stereo or bridged configuration.

UFPD notes:
· UFPD switching frequency is above 300kHz.
· The output filter cut-off is higher than the audio band but is well below 300kHz.
UFPD displays:
· Wide bandwidth
· Flat frequency response
· Load independant frequency response
· Low output impedance in the entire audio band
· Low THD in the entire audio band
· Low noise
Most Class D technologies display:
· Limited bandwidth
· Peaking frequency response
· Load dependant frequency response
· High output impedance at high frequencies
· High THD at high frequencies
· High noise
PFC Power Supply
Although switch mode power supplies have gained a reputation for noise and unreliability, the theoretical advantages of the design are well known. The rails can be regulated with precision and current demand from the mains is lower as the result of high efficiency and the absence of current spikes: energy is taken from the mains over a
larger period of the sine wave.
In conjunction with UFPD, Primare uses an isolated PFC (Power Factor Control) technology in the power supply, which controls the current from the mains voltage so that it is a pure sine wave with the same frequency and phase as the mains voltage. This means that even if 1000W is taken from the mains, other equipment in the room will not
be affected. Its presence becomes virtually invisible to the mains voltage! The isolating stage of the converter works in a ZVS mode and as a result, the switch flanks contain a lower quantity of harmonics, providing lower EMI and a clean environment for the amplifiers to work in.



Output power 2 x 150W / 8 ohm THD+N <0.1%
Inputs 2x RCA / 2x XLR switchable, RS232, trigger (12V)
Input impedance 15kohm RCA/XLR
Output Impedance 0.3ohm at 1kHz
Gain 30dB unbalanced, 26dB balanced
Frequency response 20 Hz – 20kHz, -0.5dB
Signal to Noise 20-20kHz unweighted 105dBV
THD + N < 0,005% (1kHz, 100W, 8 ohm)
THD + N <0.02% 20Hz-20Khz (10W 8 ohm)


Power consumption Standby: 0.3W, Idle: 24W
Dimensions (wxdxh) 430 x 385 x 105 mm
Weight 10.5 kg
Colour options Black or titanium

Output power 1 x 550W / 8 ohm THD+N <0.1%
Inputs 1x RCA / 1x XLR switchable, RS232, trigger (12V)
Input impedance 15kohm RCA/XLR
Output Impedance 0.6ohm at 1kHz
Gain 30dB unbalanced, 26dB balanced
Frequency response 20 Hz – 20kHz, -0.4dB
Signal to Noise 20-20kHz unweighted 105dBV
THD + N < 0,004% (1kHz, 100W, 8 ohm)
THD + N < 0.015% 20Hz-20Khz (10W 8 ohm)



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