Ortofon Reference 905 Silver (XLR) - 11327

Ortofon Reference 905 Silver (XLR)


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Sección: 2 x 1.32mm²=2.64mm². Longitud 2 x 1.0 m. Terminal XLR: Chapado en Rodio (14.5mm)


Spectacular are Ortofon Reference 905 Silver interconnect cable's dynamic sound, its transparent, brilliant tonal quality, especially of piano, violin and other string instruments. Brilliant! The loud accolades come from the audiophile’s world over.

This is due to the cable’s ultra pure silver (99.99%) wires. It has two strands of wires, one hot side with 27 wires of 0.18mm diameter each, and the other cold side with 12 wires of 0.26mm diameter each. The cross sectional area of the each strand is 2.6mm square.

It is truly a brilliant stellar performer - the epitome of the “Accuracy in Sound”.

Technical data:

Conductor size: 2 x 1.32mm²=2.64mm²

Conductor material detail: Pure Silver wire

Conductor: 27/0.18 ,12/0.26 ( x 2 )

Cable diameter: φ 12 mm

DC Resistance: Less than 13,5Ω / km

DC Shield resistance: AC500V / 1min

Shieled: 8/0.12/16

Insulation: Polyethylene, PVC

Length 2 x 1.0 m

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