Onkyo TX-NR575+7000i 5.1 Cinema Pack - 17526

Onkyo TX-NR575+7000i 5.1 Cinema Pack

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Receptor A/V de red de 7.2 canales + Sistema de altavoces 5.1 Q-Acoustics 7000i.


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Un entretenimiento en casa que apasiona
Un amplificador con capacidad para audio basado en objetos perfecto para usted, tanto si es aficionado a los deportes, suscriptor de servicios de transmisión de música o amante del cine, el TX-NR575E tiene la última tecnología y la potencia para emocionar. Las tomas HDMI® transmiten vídeo 4K/60p con 4K HDR y BT.2020 a su pantalla con decodificación integrada de sonido Dolby Atmos® y DTS:X™, mientras que para los puristas del sonido estéreo se ofrece reproducción de audio de alta resolución en formatos DSD y 192/24. También puede compartir fuentes analógicas y de red con altavoces inalámbricos compatibles a través de FireConnect™* de Blackfire. El audio de red controlado por dispositivos Android™ e iOS incluye AirPlay, Spotify® y transmisión de música por Wi-Fi® de doble banda, y el receptor incluye Chromecast integrado* y DTS Play-Fi®*. Creado sobre la base de la amplificación de audio dinámica, el TX-NR575E le espera para transformar su estilo de entretenimiento.


- Libere el potencial de la reproducción de Dolby Atmos® y DTS:X™
- Audio inalámbrico multiroom FireConnect™
- La música resulta más sencilla con Chromecast integrado*
- Transmita cualquier sonido con DTS Play-Fi®*
- Wi-Fi®, AirPlay, Spotify® y Bluetooth®
- Compatible con HDR10, Dolby Vision™, BT.2020, 4K/60 Hz y HDCP 2.2


Sección del amplificador
Potencia de salida
Todos los canales 135 W/canal (6 Ω, 1 kHz, 1% THD,
mediante 1 canal, IEC)
Potencia dinámica 160 W (3 Ω, frontal)
125 W (4 Ω, frontal)
85 W (8 Ω, frontal)
THD+N (distorsión armónica total + ruido)
0,08% (20 Hz-20 kHz, media potencia)
Factor de atenuación >49 (frontal, 1 kHz, 8 Ω)
Sensibilidad e impedancia de la toma
200 mV/47 Ω (línea)
3,5 mV/47 kΩ (plato)
Impedancia y nivel de salida RCA nominales
1 V/470 Ω (salida de previo de subwoofer)
200 mV/2,3 kΩ (salida de línea de zona)
Respuesta de frecuencia 10 Hz–100 kHz/+1 dB, -3 dB (modo directo)
Control de tono ±10 dB, 90 Hz (graves)
±10 dB, 7,5 kHz (agudos)
Relación señal-ruido 106 dB (línea, IHF-A)
80 dB (plato, IHF-A)
Impedancia de los altavoces 4 Ω–16 Ω
Sección de vídeo
Sensibilidad de entrada/impedancia y nivel de salida
Vídeo compuesto 1,0 Vp–p/75 Ω
Sección de sintonizador
Gama de frecuencias de sintonización
FM 87,5 MHz–108 MHz
AM 522 kHz–1611 kHz
530 kHz–1710 kHz
Memoria de presintonía de FM/AM
40 emisoras
Alimentación 220–240 V CA~, 50/60 Hz
Consumo de energía 480 W
Consumo de energía sin emisión de sonido
45 W
Consumo de energía en modo de espera
0,15 W
Dimensiones (An x Al x Pr) 435 x 173,5 x 328,5 mm
Peso 9,0 kg
Dimensiones (An x Al x Pr) 539 x 260 x 400 mm
Peso 11,5 kg
Accesorios incluidos
• Antena de FM interior
• Antena de cuadro de AM
• Micrófono de calibración de altavoces
• Guía de inicio rápido
• Manual básico
• Mando a distancia
• 2 baterías AAA (R03)


Award Winning Loudspeaker Company Q Acoustics is pleased to introduce
its new '7000i' 5.1 Style Home Cinema Speaker package.

Q Acoustics is an Armour Home brand. Its brand director, Alex Munro, stated:

"Q Acoustics has built an enviable reputation by consistently introducing innovative models which set new standards of sonic performance at their respective price points. Without question, the new 7000i Series continues this highly successful formula. They are small, look beautiful in either black or white finishes, and deliver an audio quality previously thought unattainable for 'style' speakers in the sub £1,000 price sector."

So what's special about the new speakers? The big difference is sound quality. They are a substantial leap forward, even when compared with their multi-award winning predecessor. Indeed, they are so good that, unlike their style competitors, they reproduce music just as well as they convey home cinema soundtracks. Why is this significant for a home cinema package? The answer is because it proves the overall quality of the design. Every good loudspeaker will accurately reproduce whatever sound is played through it. If a style speaker is incapable of accurately reproducing high quality music, then its design is fundamentally flawed. Over time those flaws, although initially less obvious, will become clearly audible to listeners trying to enjoy and 'experience' movie soundtracks.

At first sight the new 7000i package appears to be an elegant 'Subwoofer and 5 x Satellites' combination, but this is misleading because the 7000i's three front and two rear speakers are in fact high power, full range models; albeit with the limited bass extension you would expect to find with any small bookshelf design.

To achieve their elegant appearance, the infinite baffle enclosures are cast in aluminium and damping materials are applied internally to eliminate any cabinet resonances. Each speaker boasts twin, custom designed, 75mm, ultra long throw bass/mid range drivers. State-of-the-art light weight coated paper was selected for the cone material because, combined with a rubber surround, it enables the speaker to deliver a wide dynamic range, very low distortion and ultra fast transients. The tweeter, also bespoke, is a 25mm, Neodymium magnet, 'Ring Radiator' model. The outstanding dispersion characteristic of this advanced design creates a wonderfully three dimensional sound stage for both music and home cinema, as well as delivering very smooth and detailed high frequencies.

Each speaker also benefits from an adjustable, integral stand in the same finish. This can be configured to become either a wall or ceiling bracket and includes a clever cable management system to hide the speaker cable.

Naturally, a beautifully styled and finished matching floor stand, complete with cable management, is also available.

The small, slim and attractive 7070Si subwoofer is revolutionary. Q Acoustics' engineers have developed a new variation to the traditional 'infinite baffle' design solution. It delivers an outstandingly controlled, detailed and dynamic bass sound and also enables ease of placement within the listening room. The subwoofer's 8 inch (200mm), High Excursion bass driver fires internally against a heavy, rigid 'sounding board'. This surface deflects the bass notes evenly into the room through slim subwoofer grilles located on the top and both sides of the gloss finished unit. The new subwoofer is floor or wall mountable and also deceptively powerful, boasting an in-built 150 watt Class-D power amplifier.

Cinema Pack Contents

    2 x Pairs 7000iLR Speakers
    1 x 7000iC Centre Speaker
    1 x 3070S Subwoofer

7000i LR Speaker (stereo left-right) Sold in pairs

Classic Black or White matt finishes with a gloss trim
Elegant cast aluminium cabinet
Integral table stand/wall/ceiling bracket
Concealed terminals and discreet cable routing
Optional matching floor stand
Power handling
15-100 watts program rating

Bass driver(s)
2 x 75mm long-throw (Neodymium)

25mm HF Ring Radiator (Neodymium)

6 ohms

Frequency response
95Hz - 20KHz

85dB @2.83V (free space)

240 x 100 x 160mm (H x W x D, incl. table stand)

1.6 kg each
7000Ci Centre Speaker

Classic Black or White matt finishes with a gloss trim
Elegant cast aluminium cabinet
Integral table stand/wall/ceiling bracket
Concealed terminals and discreet cable routing
Optional matching floor stand
Power handling
15-100 watts program rating

Bass driver(s)
2 x 75mm long-throw (Neodymium)

25mm HF Ring Radiator (Neodymium)

6 ohms

Frequency response
95Hz - 20KHz

85dB @2.83V (free space)

115 x 207 x 160mm (H x W x D, incl. table stand)

1.6 kg

3070S Subwoofer
Este potente subwoofer con cono de graves doble de 140W rms introducirá en su salón la explosiva majestuosidad de las bandas sonoras de los últimos taquillazos.

Naturalmente, siendo un diseño de Q Acoustics, también reproducirá con precisión la rápida vibración y el detalle de un contrabajo y cualquier otra nota musical de baja frecuencia. Por esto Q Acoustics es la mejor elección tanto para música como para películas.

Acabados de la serie 3000

El aspecto de la Serie 3000 supone una sorprendente declaración de intenciones en lo referente al diseño. Disponible en los tradicionales “grafito mate” y “nogal americano”; por un pequeño suplemento, los modelos 3000 también están disponibles en los bellos acabados “negro lacado”, “blanco lacado” y “efecto cuero”.


Tipo de recinto acústico Reflector de bajos
Unidad de graves (mm) 2 x 170 mm de tiro largo
Potencia de amplificación 140W rms
Frecuencia de corte 50 – 150 Hz (variable)
Medidas (an x al x prof en mm) 200 x 400 x 530
Peso 13,6 kg



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