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Marantz SM-11S1 - 6211

Marantz SM-11S1

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The Marantz SM-11S1 Premium Series stereo power amplifier is a no-compromise audio component designed and engineered to provide extraordinary sonic performance. With technology derived out of the Legendary MA-9S2, the SM-11S1 is constructed using only the highest-quality components, selected for optimum sonic purity. The Marantz SM-11S1 appearance is as its sound quality, available in silver or gold finish with a clean, synoptic front panel. The SM-11S1 is designed to complement Marantz´s PM-11S1, to bring out a even better fidelity, resolution and musicality in either a bridged or bi-amping setup.

* Technology derived from MA-9S2
* Full balanced stereo power amplifier
* Ultra stable power output of 2x 100W at 8ohms, 2x 200W at 4ohms
* Fast and accurate signal handling for signals up to 100kHz and higher
* Instantaneous current delivery capability
* BTL switch mode
* HDAM-SA2 High speed amplifier module
* High speed input buffers for full integrity of the signal
* Customized "Blue Cap" film capacitors
* Large toroidal transformer with anti magnetic aluminum shield case
* Two pair low impedance WBT speaker terminals
* Heavy copper plated aluminum top lid and aluminum die-cast feet

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