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Etapa de potencia modular 5x200W.


Product Details
LX amplifiers are designed to meet the highest standards of performance and sound quality. In addition, THX Ultra® certification ensures that the amplifiers meet the highest standards set forth by LucasFilm's Home THX division.

The LX amplifiers include many unique technologies that allow them to deliver exceptional performance, even under extreme operating conditions. The amplifiers feature Junction Temperature Simulation (JTS) advanced thermal protection. An internal JTS computer predicts internal temperatures and protects output transistors from overheating, allowing the amplifiers to achieve maximum performance with a minimum number of output transistors. This design enhances performance and reliability.

In addition to JTS, the LX amplifiers feature thermal protection for each channel and the main power transformer. The amplifiers also provide DC protection for each channel, preventing DC and frequencies below 10Hz from reaching the loudspeakers.

The LX amplifiers offer high power output that can be configured for almost any home theater installation. The LX-7 has seven 200 watt channels and the LX-5 has five 200 watt channels. Channel pairs can be bridged to provide 400 watts in addition to the remaining 200 watt channels. Heavy-duty loudspeaker outputs and selectable balanced or unbalanced audio inputs are
also available.

A rear panel trigger input allows the LX amplifiers to be powered on and off by external devices. A ground lift switch helps eliminate audible hum caused by multiple grounding paths in the system.

Built to Lexicon standards, LX Series Power Amplifiers establish a new benchmark for home theater amplifiers. An unbeatable combination of sound quality, power, flexibility and reliability make the LX Series amplifiers at home in virtually any system.

Product Highlights

200 watts per channel (8ohm)

Four hand-graded, custom output transistors per channel

Bridgeable architecture for higher output (400watts per channel)

Oversized toroidal power transformer with extraordinarily low DC resistance and thermal protection

High power-supply voltage(160V) for extra headroom at the outputs

THX Ultra® certification

Junction Temperature Simulation (JTS) to provide maximum performance from the output transistors

Thermal protection from overheating

Loudspeaker protection from DC and frequencies below 10Hz

Protection against short-circuits, device failures, miswiring and internal faults

Stable with mismatched, reactive or unusual loads
Quiet, microprocessor controlled forced air cooling to minimise chassis size

Compatible with 2ohm loudspeaker impedances (individual mode)

Trigger input for power control from an external device

RCA, XLR and ?inch Tip/Ring/Sleeve inputs

Ground lift switch

Heavy-duty gold plated outputs

Multi-colour channel status LEDs

Rack mount option available

Product Specifications
Audio Inputs and Outputs
LX-7 Inputs
7 RCA, 7 XLR (including 1/4" T/R/S)
LX-5 Inputs
5 RCA, 5 XLR (including 1/4" T/R/S)
LX-7 Outputs
7 pairs of heavy-duty binding posts
LX-5 Outputs
5 pairs of heavy-duty binding posts
Amplifier performance specifications are identical in INDIVIDUAL and (BRIDGED) modes, with the exception of the output power and Minimum Speaker Impedance. (Bridged) Mode includes channels 1 & 2 and 3 & 4 only.
Output Power
200W at 8, all channels driven 20Hz - 20kHz
400W at 8, (BRIDGED)
Minimum Speaker Impediance
4, (BRIDGED) Mode
Frequency Response
20Hz - 20kHz ±0.1dB
10Hz - 100kHz, +0.5/-3dB
Below 0.02%, 200W at 8, INDIVIDUAL Mode
4, all channels driven 20Hz - 20kHz
Signal-to-Noise Ratio
111dB 22kHz bandwidth, balanced inputs
109dB, 22kHz bandwidth, unbalanced output

(ref 200W at 8)
IM Distortion
Below 0.03% at 200W
-80dB at 1kHz, minimum
Damping Factor
250 at 20Hz, minimum
Input Sensitivity
2V in for 100W out at 8, balanced inputs
1V in for 100W out at 8, unbalanced inputs
Input Impedance
20k, balanced
10k, unbalanced
23dB, balanced
29dB, unbalanced
Trigger Input
12VDC ±10%
Power Requirements
120V 60Hz 20A (Domestic)
230V 50Hz 12.5A (Export)
Dimensions and Weight
Height (with feet)
5.65" (144mm)
Height (without feet)
3 rack units
17.3" (440mm)
19" (483mm)
56lbs. (25.4kg) LX-7
52lbs. (23.6kg) LX-5
Rack Mounting
Optional brackets are available for installing either unit in a standard 19" equipment rack (3 rack units required).

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