Krell Industries KAV 3250 - 5148

Krell Industries KAV 3250

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Etapa de potencia multicanal Balanceada. 3 x 250 W. 8 Ohms. Ex-demo, estado impecable.


The KAV-3250 Three-Channel amplifier features the newest Krell design enhancements, providing an extraordinary degree of sonic refinement. The KAV-3250 features a massive power supply with 2000 VA toroidal-transformer. Power output is a substantial 250 W per channel into 8 ohms (500 W per channel into 4 ohms). Adjacent channels can be bridged to deliver 1000 W into 8 ohms.

As with the Theater Amplifier Standard, the gain stages use Krell Current Mode, discrete Class A, fully complementary circuitry. The driver/output stages employ 14 high-current transistors per channel for high output current capability. This design delivers the clean, powerful, detailed reproduction that is the hallmark of Krell amplifiers.

Krell Multi Amp Throughput (MAT), feeds the signal from a single input, balanced or single-ended, to any or all channels, greatly simplifying the wiring requirements in multi-amplified systems. The Krell Theater Amplifier Standard, KAV-3250, and KAV-2250 can be used in combinations to deliver 5, 6, 7, or more channels of incomparable amplification as needed in sophisticated home theater and whole-house systems.

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