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Grandview LF-MIC100


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Pantalla de video proyeccion. Formato Cinemascope, 2.35:1.  Motorizada y con tensores laterales. 100''. Material blanco mate


Trendy and Professional
With the increasing popularity of DVD entertainment, owning a home theater system is fast becoming a popular trend. We introduce the new series of automatic screens, designed and manufactured especially for deluxe home
theater systems. Advanced technology and top-quality materials give the viewers a truly realistic experience.

High Definition Resolution
The PS screens have micro-bead patterns on the surface that is effective in eliminating the creases and ripples in projection screens. This allows viewers to see the same high definition resolution from every angle. High color contrast ensures full color saturation without much glare. This series is a must have for all who wish to bring home the cinematic experience.

Top-Quality Motor
Equipped with the world-renowned power motor made by Somfy Systems. It is quiet, secure, and precise.

Shape Guarantee
This series of automatic screens incorporates technology and fine craftsmanship. It uses a wide-diameter rolling
rod to prevent drooping in the middle of the screen and the sides are fitted with a spring system to adjust the screen as needed. The Grandview series gives you the optimal experience in viewing and guarantees a realistic experience that places you right in the movie.

Stylish Design
The Black alloy casing is the perfect match for modern interior decors. It blends into the wall color and becomes
less distracting. It can be installed on the ceiling, and can be either hung or recede back into the ceiling's surface. The Automatic system allows for remote control.

Life-Size Realistic Experience
Even when the screens are as large as 180 inches, it guarantees perfect life-sized images that are realistic.

It is suited for various venues including home theatres, research institutes, government buildings, control rooms, and other entertainment sites.

- Format: 2.35:1
- Specification (Inch): 100"
- Viewing Area WxH (mm): 2340x995
- L (mm): 2844
- A (mm): 1828
- End Cap Model: Fa/Ce
- B1 (mm): 100
- B2 (mm): 50
- B3 (mm): 400
- Package LxHxM (mm): 3228x215x215
- Net/Groos Weight (kg): 21.0/26.2
- Power (voltage 220V): 115W

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