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Esoteric D-1

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Convertidor D/A Monoural.


Convertidor D/A. Entradas: 1x ES-LINK (352,8/384 kHz, 48 bit, DSD), 1x XLR AES-EBU dual (32 bit, 384 kHz, DSD) single (32 bit, 192 kHz) , 2x RCA (SPDIF, 32 bit, 192 kHz), 1x óptica (32 bit, 192 kHz), 2x iLink (32 bit, 192 kHz, DSD), 1x USB-B (32 bit, 384 kHz. 2,8/5,6 mHz DSD)
Salidas: 1x XLR, 1x RCA. Reloj: 1x salida y 1x entrada BNC, hasta 192 kHz.
Incluye MD y cable HDMI. Par.

The World's first monaural D/A converter - Esoteric D-01/D-01VU designed to bring out the full potential of SACD and CD formats.

The advantage of developing a D/A converter as a monaural unit is to avoid channel cross-talk. A monaural unit also allows proper power distribution for each individual analog audio circuit. In addition, separate D/A converters eliminate the differences in sound between the left and right channels because each separate unit has the exact same parts and PCB layout pattern.

In a dual or stereo converter, placement of components usually differs, channel to channel, because they are placed in different physical locations and varying orientations within the single cabinet. By exactly replicating component locations, the result is an audible improvement in which the air around the instruments becomes more defined, and the image of each musical instrument becomes clearer, more transparent with enhanced ambience and presence.

Key features:

    Input terminals: XLR (2 systems), RCA (1 system), IEEE1394 (2 systems).
    SACD DSD signals are input through the IEEE1394 input terminal or the XLR1 input terminal (original Esoteric ES-LINK format).
    PCM signals can be input up to 192kHz (DUAL or STEREO transformation).
    When the signals output by the player are either STEREO or MULTI-CHANNEL, the unit outputs the channel as selected by the MENU.
    There are 3 digital filters to choose from: FIR, RDOT, FIR+RDOT. The digital filter can also be turned off.
    The signal is converted up to 768kHz before being sent to the multi-bit D/A converter chips, BB-PCM1704s. SACD DSD signal is converted either to 88.2kHz or 176.4kHz before inputting to the digital filter.
    Signal output from the digital filter streams into D/A converter IC through a FIFO (fast in / fast out) circuit, which reduces signal jitter.
    The D-01 is equipped with 8 D/A converters per unit (Burr-Brown 24bit Multi-bit D/A converter: PCM1704).
    With the use of 8 DACs per unit, S/N ratio and linearity is greatly improved. This DAC configuration results in very precise musical expressiveness and enhanced ambience, presence and transparency.
    Esoteric uses +/- 42V discrete power circuit construction in the driver circuits for analog signal outputs.
    This very high rail voltage produces prompt circuit derivability and excellent transitional rates.

Word synchronization
The D-01 is further enhanced by the inclusion of word sync outputs/inputs. The D-01 can output or input word clock signals at any of the following freque44.1/88.2/176.4/48/96/192/48P/96P/192P /100/100PkHz (P means 4% down mode for PAL FILM). The D-01's Rb IN mode uses a PLL circuit that is highly specialized for a high accuracy clock signals. The D-01 itself uses a high precision crystal clock that generates ±3ppm of accuracy. The D-01 can input an ultra-precise clock from the ESOTERIC G-0s master clock generator, which will further enhance the delicacy and articulation of the material.

Excellent grade 6N copper (99.9999% purity level) conductors for main internal wiring and the AC power cable. Most other internal wiring is 6N pure copper for high resolution sound quality. The 6N cable outer jacket is Polyolefin PVC free material. (None of the other wire jackets include PVCs to protect against environmental pollution).

Equipped with a high-grade analog volume attenuator / Directly connectable to a power amplifier Analog volume attenuator enables volume attenuation without loosing digital information. The volume circuit can be bypassed for use with an external preamplifier.

Highly rigid body construction eliminates harmful external vibration
Thick aluminum is used on the top, side and front panels to block vibration. The sound pressure from loudspeakers could easily affect the top panel of the D-01so it is constructed from 8mm thick, brushed aluminum. The chassis is supported by four pinpoint feet (patent pending), allowing the unit to be mechanically isolated from its environment. The front panel is designed to be highly elegant with a brushed finish and curved corner design. All these features contribute to a sense of quality found only in the world's finest D/A converter.

* Model D01VU adds optional and incremental upgrades based on evolving technology that includes a change from 6N copper (99.9999% signal purity), to 8N copper (99.999999 signal purity). 8N copper is used as a replacement for all critical internal wiring. [Please note that the D01 system has been rated "World's Best" long before any upgrade path was developed]. The use of 8N copper is extremely rare and contains less than .01 ppm (parts per million) of metallic impurities. This provides incremental improvement of resolution, soundstage, depth and texture. Specially selected capacitors and resistors are used with the internal wiring update to optimize acoustic transparency and signal refinement. Current owners of the D-01 may have their units optionally and incrementally upgraded to VU status (Chargeable)


Dynamic range: 112dB
THD: 0.001%
Frequency response(-3dB): 2Hz - 80kHz
S/N ratio: 118dB
Volume control range: 0 - 99.5dB (Analog) 0.5dB step
Digital inputs: IEEE1394 x 2
RCA x 1
WORD SYNC input: BNC x 1
WORD SYNC output: BNC x 1
Analog outputs: RCA x 1
XLR x 1
Power supply: AC 120V, 60Hz (US)
AC 230V, 50Hz (Europe)
Power consumption: 23W
Weight: 21kg (43.4 lbs.)
External dimensions (W x H x D): 445 x 108 x 420 mm


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