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Base de giradiscos para brazo 9-10,5'' Sin brazo


A belt driven turntable platter can be a source of electromechanical distortion. Experiments with various turntable platter diameters, materials and strings and belts showed, that the removal of a turntable platter belt can lessen audible playback distortion.

The OASIS turntable platter is thus motor driven directly.

Oasis Turntable (Photo)A circular magnet, built into the platter bearing, is driven by four exactly controlled magnetic fields which create four precise to phase angle aligned air coils. The speed is constantly checked by precision-echo-sensors to keep the platter at the proper (33.333 and 45 rpm) speed. Alignment of constant-drive-fluctuations is avoided.

Constant-drive-fluctuations and speed variations are effectively prevented by having a precise machined and calibrated bearing and spindle which is borrowed from our larger Brinkmann turntables.

The result is a direct drive process that allows an enormously quiet and stable operation, and in conjunction with the low rpm drive, eventual irregularities are far beyond the allowable frequency of human hearing (the frequency of the drive 3Hz @ 33 rpm).

Tone arms with a length of 9 to 10.5 inches can be perfectly adjusted to their effective arm length. The tonearm base has a special clamping technique to enable the customer to change between various tone-arms; each one can be installed on a separate base, removed within a few moments and then adjusted precisely.

The Brinkmann Oasis turntable features an attachment for the tonearm base that fits with a machined culet and can be fixed or loosened via a single screw. This enables the user to adjust the effective length of the tonearm while the base is allowed to move freely.

The tone arm base can be equipped with a wide variety of mounting for 9 inch to 10.5 inch arms by request. It is possible to lead the cables of the tone arm directly to a pre-amplifier or phono stage, or to mount RCA or XLR output jacks.

The crystal glass platter gives a very smooth and even surface; therefore the record clamp for a safe placement of the records is included and is recommended. A plastic ring in the middle of the plate lifts the record minimally and is pressed back onto the platter by the record clamp at the outer rim of the label. That way, there is a good contact between record and platter, minimizing resonance.

The turntable platter has low resonance because of a mixture of lead, dural aluminum and copper.

The special shape of the chassis was designed to remove resonances and with the addition of the wooden plinth of the chassis, a solid, deep and resonance free bass reproduction is accomplished. The frame can be ordered with three different types of wood. Three height adjustable spikes under the plinth ensure a safe connection to whichever stand or rack you might use and we recommend the HRS platform.

A free standing transistor power supply is included with the turntable, the optimum record playback can be achieved with a our Brinkmann Vacuum Tube Power Supply.

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