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The Brinkmann Audio Calvin Preamplifier is designed to give the experienced music lover control over selection of whatever digital or analog music sources with extremely short signal paths and shielded from vibration.

Calvin Pre-Amplifier (Photo)Symmetrical circuit topology. Available as a line stage or as a full functioning preamplifier with a user adjustable built in MM and MC phono stage. Five line inputs (two are used with the phono stage), a tape monitor circuit, and two outputs all single ended operation with RCA type plugs with a separate free standing power supply, left and right balance control, infra-red remote control that adjusts for volume and mute.

As with all Brinkmann Audio components the top plate is made from tempered glass allowing the owner a view to the internal beauty of the pre-amplifier and a one inch thick granite platform sized to the chassis that is designed to allow protection from external vibration and assists in heat dissipation.

Transient response, speed, and dynamics, transparency and neutrality, and an elevated level of detail retrieval and resolution combine to bring the Calvin to a performance level significantly higher than was thought possible - all at an affordable cost.

The optional phono stage has user adjustable sensitivity and resistance in three levels:

    * 1. MM 47kOhm / 1mV
    * 2. MC 600 Ohm / 0,5mV
    * 3. MC 600 Ohm / 0,2mV

The Brinkmann Audio Calvin pre-amplifier: embracing our long tradition of applying state-of-the-art technology in the name of music.
Technical Specifications

    * Distortion / Intermodulation:
      0.01 / 0.05 %
    * Signal to Noise, linear:
      90 dbA
    * Bandwidth, Linear:
      DC: 250 kHz
    * Max. Output:
      ± 12 V
    * Output resistance:
      < 0.1 Ohm
    * Input resistance linear:
      20 k Ohm
    * Input sensitivity linear:
      150 mV
    * Input sensitivity phono:
      1 = 2mV / 47k Ohm, 2 = 1mV / 600 Ohm, 3 = 0.5mV / 600 Ohm
    * Span of level controls:
      4 to 12 dB
    * Step of level controls:
      0.5 dB
    * Weight with External Power Supply:
      17.64 lbs.
    * Weight Granite Platform:
      17.65 lbs.
    * Chassis Size:
      W: 11.81 x H: 2.56 x D: 12.20 in.
    * Power Supply Size:
      W: 4.72 x H: 3.15 x D: 6.30 in.
    * Granite Platform:
      W: 16.54 x H: 1.18 x 12.20 in.

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