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Brinkmann Integrated/DAC


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Amplificador integrado 120 W a 4 Ohms 75 W a 8 Ohms. Integrado con módulo DAC incluido.


One of the purest amplifiers in the high-end audio world is our Integrated. Built just for music in the most uncomprimising way: it has only the volume control and an input selector in the signal chain. When connected to the mains, the amplifier is automatically set to 'stand-by' as there is no power-on-switch. The quiescent current of the output-stage is switched off and the signal is muted through the dedicated switch on the frontpanel.

There are four line and two digital inputs, the latter drive the optional DAC-module. The signal is fed directly to the blue Alps-pot via the input selector and then sent through the active electronics, thus the Integrated should be seen as a combination of a high sensitivity stereo power amplifier with passive preamplifier. In addition to that, there is a buffer stage for the tape recording output which carries always the signal of the choosen input.

Furthermore there is a dedicated headphone amplifier which is activated when the Integrated is in stand-by. The Headphone-output-socket is located on the frontpanel and the relative circuit has been optimised for headphones with an impedance of at least 200 Ohms. It is important not to load the inputs with DC, as all stages of the amplifier are DC- coupled. A typical small amount of DC is nulled out by a DC-servo-regulator.

To make the amplifier become a truly digital device , there is the optional DAC-module to be used: its current-to-voltage stage is built using a miniaturised tube for best sonic results. The digital signals of CD-players, Dat-recorders or digital Tuners may have sample-frequencies from 32 to 48 kHz, the DAC-module is automatically adjusting itself to the input frequency. The two digital inputs are switched electronically: when a signal reaches dig 1, the output-tube is heated independently from the input chosen, i.e. the tube can be pre-heated by switching on a digital signal source while a different line input is working.


THD/IM distortion 0,01%/0,05%
Output power 2 x 100/70 W (4/8 Ohm)
Output resistance 0,1 Ohm
Input impedance 20 kOhm
Input sensitivity 300 mV
Frequency response DC ... 250 kHz
S/N ratio 92 dBA
Dimensions (WxHxD) 440 x 85 x 310 mm
Weight 14 kg
Included in delivery integrated amplifier, power cord, remote control
Option granite base

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