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Brinkmann Fein


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Previo de phono MM/MC


This is our phono preamplifier. The frontpanel features a LED showing the operational status and a volume control.

On the backpanel there are the input-and-output-sockets for the left and right channel, a ground terminal, a screw-on-socket connector for the power supply and a rotary knob for switching the input from MM- to MC-loads.

The first position has an impedance suited for MM-cardridges and a sensitivity of 1mV/47kOhm with a load capacity of about 50pF. The middle position is suited for higher output MC-cartridges (0,5mV/600Ohm) while the third setting acommodates lower output MC-cartridges (0,2mV/600Ohm).

The potentiometer which controls the volume is followed by a buffer amp with a low output impedance allowing to connect longer signal leads; thus the FEIN can be placed close to the turntable.

The relatively high output voltage enables the FEIN to drive power amplifier inputs direct: an interesting feature for those who listen only to recordings on vinyl.

Attention is required when connecting the signal leads: due to the narrow space on the panel the in-and-outputs could be accidently interchanged and the cartridge can be damaged when it is connected to the output of the phonostage. The volume must always be turned down when unplugging.

The amplifier stays under current when the power supply is connected to the mains (a red LED glows on the frontpanel), but as the power consumption is very low, the FEIN should always remain connected in order to allow for maximum results.

We ship the preamplifier with its power supply and a granite base as support.

Brinkmann Fein

linear output voltage 250mV
Distortion factor / intermodulation 0,01 / 0,05%
SNR output 100dbA
SNR MM / MC 80 / 78 / 76dbA
frequency response 20....50kHz
maximum output voltage 4V
output resistance 200 Ohm
MC input resistance 600 Ohm
MM input capacity 50pF

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