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Brinkmann EMT

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The Brinkmann EMT Titanium phono cartridge is a delicate precision instrument.

The Brinkmann EMT Titanium Moving Coil Phono cartridge features very short signal paths and is modified using special non-electrically conductive materials with a solid titanium mounting platform and is a medium-weight, medium-compliance cartridge, it was designed for use with high-quality tonearms.

Stereophile Class A Recommended The Brinkmann modifications are designed to control resonance and in doing so, to increase clarity and extension beyond the original studio EMT cartridge. The result is dynamic, lively, extremely detailed and full-bodied music transducer perfectly matched to the Brinkmann 10.5 tonearm and the Balance, LaGrange and Oasis turntables.

Technical Specifications

    * Weight:
      appox. 11 grams
    * Sensitivity:
      .21 mV (1cm / sec.)
    * Frequency Response:
      20 Hz to 30kHz
    * Frequence Intermodulation:
      < 0.5%
    * Vertical Tracking Angle:
      23 Degrees
    * Crosstalk:
      >25dB (1kHz)
    * Compliance:
      15 micro m/mN
    * Stylus:
      Diamond, VanDenHul Shape, tip: 4 micro M
    * Tracking Force:
      18-20 mN
    * Recommended Load:
      600 ohms

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