Brinkmann Edison - 6530

Brinkmann Edison


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Phono preamplifier »Edison«

It is no coincidence that both »Marconi« and »Edison«

share a common family resemblance. Both are balanced designs featuring tubes and transistors. Both have been equally optimized to sound their absolute best and have been manufactured to the same superior standards we demand of all our products. Edison feature three phono level inputs. Impedance is adjustable via a face plate mounted 12 step control switch, ranging from 47 Ohm to 47 kOhm. Two additional front panel mounted switches allow for further adjustments of the sensitivity for two inputs in 16 step increments; the third is a fixed level input. The signal is first amplified by 12db's through a FET input stage designed around a fully complementary Diamond topology. The RIAA equalization curve is then applied symmetrically at the tube output stage level. As is typical of Brinkmann, switching between the RIAA and IEC curve is done via a simple switch. Due to its very high signal to noise ratio, »Edison« is capable of extracting the most music information from either low output MC or MM style cartridges.

Brinkmann Edison

THD/IM distortion 0,01%/0,05%
S/N ratio MM/MC 82/78 dBA
Frequency response DC ... 250 kHz
Gain adjustable, max. 65 dB
Output voltage maximum ± 12 V symmetrical
Output impedance 600 Ohm symmetrical
Input impedance MC 47 Ohm ... 47 kOhm
Input capacitance MM 50 pF
Dimensions (WxHxD) 420 x 95 x 310 mm (with granite base);
power supply 120 x 80 x 160 mm
Weight 12 kg; granite base 12 kg;
power supply 3,2 kg
Included in delivery phono preamplifier, power supply, power cord, granite base

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