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Brinkmann Balance 2-ARM - 17797

Brinkmann Balance 2-ARM

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Base de giradiscos para brazo 9-10,5''. Preparado para dos brazos.


We already produce our turntable BALANCE since 15 years and we continiously worked all this time to optimate it. Our aim was to combine timeless beauty, high sound quality and perfection in the workmanship to completion.

The turntable is available in designs black/brass and black/high grade steel.

The supply includes chassis, tonearm base machined specially for the tonearm, plate, record clamp, motor, switch unit and the transistorized power supply for bearing temperature control and motor as well as tools for adjustment, cables etc.

Additionally available are : separate tonearm bases, the tubed power supply and a sandwich support made from aluminium / granite or a complete stand.

The chassis is milled from a 40mm strong dural-plate and is equipped with the intakes for the bearing and tonearm base. The tonearm base has a special clamping technique to enable the customer to change between various tonearms, each one installed on a separate base, within a few moments and adjust each one precisely.

The turntable features an intake for the tonearm base that fits like a draw-in collet and can be fixed or loosened via a single screw. This enables the user to adjust the effective length of the tonearm while the base is being allowed to be moved freely.

Surely the most precise element of the turntable is the bearing, especially with the BALANCE it was most important to drive the 20kg weighing plate without any reeling. Regarding the needed precision, the temperature dependance of the material is of great importance. We reduced the temperature dependance of the material with the help of an electronic temperature control to nearly nothing to guarantee a smooth turning of the table. A power-mos-fet, installed beneath the bearing, produces with the help of a control circuit ca. 15 W power dissipation that is needed to create a stable temperature.

The tonearm base can be equipped with various different intakes, according to the needs of the customer, for tonearms with a length of 9...10.5 inches.It is possible to lead the connection wiring of the tonearm directly out of the base or to mount two cynch sockets.

The record plate is made from a massive block of a special aluminium that has low resonances because of the admixture of lead and copper. Supported by the 90mm strength of the plate and the firmly inserted cristal glas pane follows a total absence of resonances.

The cristal glas pane gives a very smooth and even surface, therefore the record clamp for a safe fixing of the records is always included in the supply. A plastic ring in the middle of the plate lifts the cristal glas pane minimally and is pressed back onto the plate by the record clamp at the outer rim of the label. That way, there is a good contact between recod and plate, deriving the resonances of the tracking quickly from the record to the plate.

The motor with its switch unit is placed separately beside the turntable. A motor control constructed specially for this turntable drives the Pabst motor electronically to the speeds 33 and 45, both speeds can be fine adjusted separately with two rotary switches. A precisely cut round belt transfers the drive from the motor to the plate.

The turntable is delivered with its own transistorized power supply, but is optimally driven by our tubed power supply additionally giving the motor the purest source.

Our new TONEARM 10.5 is ideally suited for this turntable.

Brinkmann Balance

Dimensions Platter 315 Ø x 90mm
Dimensions Tonearmbase 118 Ø x 60mm
Distance Spindle to Tonearmcenter 220mm
Height of Platter above Tonearmbase 31mm
Weight of Turntable 35kg net.

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