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Avid Hifi Pellar - 11856

Avid Hifi Pellar

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Phono con conectores RCA.


We are pleased to confirm that the PELLAR phono stage will join our other successful phono
stages, becoming our entry-level product in this range.
Entry level it may be, but this single box solution will set a new level of performance at this
competitive price level and allow more people to enjoy an AVID product.
Designed from the knowledge gained with the Pulsus and sharing many components it now
incorporates an internal power supply, but noise levels are still ultra quite.
Connections at the rear allow for RCA input with RCA output.
The default resistance value is set to 47k, making it idea for MM cartridge types.
An additional set of RCA connectors allows the resistance values to be tailored to any desired
value; so all MC cartridge types are accommodated.
On the underside of the unit, unusual in this price region, gain settings are available for all MM, low
output and high output MC types.
Sound quality and price of this unit, backed up by good press reviews, logically make it a good
selling product.

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