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Audioquest Angel

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Alargador de auriculares 3,5mm Male-Female.


AudioQuest Angel Phono Interconnect Features

    Perfect Surface Silver (PSS) Conductors
    Cold-Welded Direct-Silver Plated Pure "Red Copper" RCA Plugs
    Asymmetrical Double-Balanced Geometry (lower impedance on ground, same quality + & - conductors)
    FEP Air-Tubes (FEP is a Fluoro-Polymer)
    Carbon-Based 3-Layer Noise-Dissipation System
    Black/silver braided Jacket

The AudioQuest Bridges and Falls Range

While theoreticians debate whether the true nature of the universe is analog or digital, one constant in our audiophile galaxy is that the music, dialog, and sound effects which reach our ears is analog. In order to preserve this precious cargo, AudioQuest has designed a range of analog interconnects optimized for the single-ended world. Bridges & Falls take advantage of years of carefully balancing design and material selection in order to bring you a series of interconnects which, as much as possible, "Do No Harm" to the original audio signal.

To respect different budgets and honor the wide breadth of applications, AudioQuest offers seven models of these new multi-application low-distortion analog interconnects. All include AudioQuest’s proven design expertise featuring: better metals, superior geometry, and our exclusive Noise-Dissipation System. For the upper four models, we employ Air-Tube Insulation, while the top three models use AudioQuest's amazingly effective Dielectric-Bias System (DBS).

Because today's connected components require more than RCA connectors, AudioQuest offers Bridges & Falls in a multitude of connector configurations including: Made for iPod, 3.5mm male and female, and RCA plugs. Please consult the drop down menus above to see the full range of connectors available.

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