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Audeze ADZ6SE

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Cable de doble mini XLR a Jack 6,3 mm.


This 8.2 ft (2.5 m) four conductor flexible, lightweight ribbon cable is comprised of very fine multi-stranded audio-grade copper and suited to achieve the most sonic perfection from a entry-level LCD cable.

Each LCD2 ships with an ADZ6SE terminated with a standard quarter-inch and mini-XLR gold-plated professional grade connector.


Wire Construction:
Length: 2.5 meters or 8.2 feet with an 8 inch split
Weight: ADZ6SE - 110 g
Multi-stranded high purity audio-grade copper
20 AWG for very low impedance, high current capacity, with extended high frequency range
Flexible, tangle free construction

Professional ¼ inch gold plated stereo plug for input signal
Professional gold plated latching four pin mini XLR connectors

Electrical Specifications:
Dielectric strength: 500V AC
Resistance: 170 milliohms for returned path of 2.5m long cable; this includes the contact resistance of our mini XLR connector on LCD2 housing
Capacitance: 250 pF, including mini XLR connector on LCD2 housing
Response: -3dB @ 12.7 MHz
Inductance: 1.8 microH

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