Accuphase Japan A-36 - 19703

Accuphase Japan A-36


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Etapa de ptencia estereo, clase A.



The new A-36 inherits many of the outstanding design technology features developed for the higher-end models. It redefines the baseline for pure class A power amplifiers and represents the same unwavering attention to detail and dedication to sound quality for which Accuphase is justly famous.
In the output stage, power MOS-FETs renowned for their excellent frequency response, sonic performance, and superior reliability are used in a triple parallel configuration and driven in pure class A. This is sustained by the strong power supply featuring a massive transformer and two large 47,000μF filtering capacitors. Output power in each channel is rated for an impressive 150 watts into 1 ohm, 120 watts into 2 ohms, 60 watts into 4 ohms, and 30 watts into 8 ohms. Even speakers with ultralow impedance or drastic fluctuations in impedance curve can be driven reliably by this impressive amplifier.
In the output circuitry, MOS-FET switches are used in place of relays, to eliminate mechanical contacts and improve long-term reliability.

Pure Class A operation delivers quality power: 30 watts x 2 into 8 ohms
Power MOSFET output stage features 3-parallel push-pull configuration
Instrumentation amplifier principle used in input stage
Amplification stage implements further evolved MCS+ topology
Current feedback principle combines stable operation with outstanding sound quality
Bridged connection mode allows upgrading to monophonic amplifier
Strong power supply with massive high-efficiency transformer and large filtering capacitors
4-stage gain control

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