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Vienna Acoustics Oratorio

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Vienna Acoustics ORATORIO
The musical form of the ORATORIO combines the full force of human and orchestral voices.
Giving this name to our most capable center channel speaker acknowledges that film
soundtracks require the center channel speaker not only to provide dialogue reproduction, but
also to be an equal partner with the front speakers in reproducing the full force of the dynamic
and tonal structure of the main stage. As the perfect partner to a large-scale MAHLER or
STRAUSS based theater, ORATORIO shares technical features developed for both of those
benchmark products. Housed within the striking cabinet, raked back for perfect time alignment,
sheathed in veneer formed perfectly over the complex corners of its surface, are drivers of
extraordinary capability. The silk dome tweeter incorporates a unique multiple magnet system
and an integral decoupling mounting block to reduce extraneous resonance interaction. The
tweeter block’s small size permits placement immediately above the midrange driver for
improved dispersion characteristics. Supported by the dual woofers functioning as ultra-lowfrequency
drivers, the single mid-range driver reproduces the entire vocal range, resulting in
system voicing of superior clarity and grand scale.
The tradition of unrivaled finish quality continues with the ORATORIO, providing the warmth and
beauty of real wood for the most harmonious integration into any listening room.
ORATORIO is a speaker capable of both great scale and subtlety, seamlessly integrating with
MAHLER and STRAUSS, providing prodigious output while possessing all the hallmarks of the
Vienna Acoustics sound: liquid transparency, vibrant neutrality, thrilling dynamics, and sheer
musicality. ORATORIO further adds to Vienna Acoustics' heritage of superb physical design and
construction, and will ably occupy a place in any ultra high-end Vienna Acoustics home theater

Immediately apparent to the eye is the massive block of pure aluminium, beautifully bead
blasted, black anodized, and precisely sunk into the cabinet´s front baffle. Decoupled by an
underlying layer of soft rubber, this specially engineered mounting block´s sheer mass
additionally suppresses any resonance, keeping all harmful influences away from the tweeter,
leaving it free to reproduce the most delicate of hidden musical details without any interference
from detrimental resonance effects. The small size of the tweeter and mounting block assembly
allows the tweeter to be mounted immediately above the midrange drive for improved dispersion
characteristics and permits the front baffle to be raked back for further improvements in phase

The hand coated silk dome tweeter is a totally new construction, incorporating a unique multiple
magnet system. A stack of three neodymium magnets are center drilled, allowing the internal
sound waves to be guided into a damping chamber for complete suppression of internal pressure
and elimination of compression effects. The resonance frequency of the driver is designed to be
very low, so that the tweeter’s contribution to the overall sound is optimized with the midrange’s
contribution. The sonic benefits of these features are that voices flow naturally resolved, from a
convincing and stable position in the soundstage.
Using the smallest amount of a special, ultra-thin viscosity ferrofluid protects the tweeter and
preserves the purity of its performance. Further, the ingenious design of the magnet structure of
the tweeter results in 100% magnetic shielding with no compromise in performance, a feat
virtually impossible to achieve using conventional techniques.

To perfectly convey the frequencies covering the human voice, the midrange driver is tailored to
cover the entire vocal range without the intrusion of a crossover point. The 7-inch midrange
driver cone is formed of air-dried paper that is heavily hand coated and reinforced by lengthwise
oriented strands of carbon fiber to achieve a perfect balance of high rigidity with internal
damping characteristics. The linear frequency band of this driver effortlessly spans a full five
octaves, from 120 Hz to 3,500 Hz, making it ideal for the role demanded of a center channel
All drivers used in ORATORIO are 100% magnetically shielded, thereby avoiding any restrictions
in the listening room by allowing placement near any television or monitor.

Featuring the same cone technology of the midrange driver, the dual 9-inch woofers function as
ultra low frequency (ULF) drivers operating below their crossover point of 120 Hz. Massive die
cast baskets, long-throw voice coil construction and medium-loss rubber surrounds enable these
drivers to produce frequencies as low as 33 Hz with fully realized dynamic impact.

The massively overbuilt cabinet utilizes extensive bracing based on finite element analysis and is
raked back for optimum phase coherence. This raking of the front, as well as the back baffle,
serves to dissipate and control the back-wave of both midrange and bass drivers realizing
improvements in clarity and precision of the overall sonic presentation.

The front and rear 1.5" thick baffles benefit from Vienna Acoustics’ exclusive veneer wrapping
process involving the use of sophisticated membrane presses to allow the veneer to form over
the sharply curved edges and complex corners of the cabinet’s surface.
Three finishes are available: a dramatically grained handselected rosewood; a warm and rich
handselected beech; and a special high gloss black, featuring an 11-layer lacquer finish on the
front and back baffles, combined with handselected black ash-veneer for the main body.

For their inherent simplicity and natural sound, first-order, 6 dB per octave, slopes are used for
the crossover design. Final layout and component selection for the crossover was determined
through extensive listening tests.

One department of the crossover is mounted on the rear side of the terminal block, the massive
8mm acrylic glass. At Vienna Acoustics, we have addressed the issue of transition resistance by
designing proprietary terminal blocks that form a direct connection to the speaker terminals with
no additional wiring. Our gold plated input terminals are designed to accept banana plugs, spade
terminals or bare wire connection.
Two switches provide additional flexibility in tuning the ORATORIO to its surroundings. When in
the neutral-position the switches are not in the signal path of the crossover. However, when
needed, adjustments can be made to compensate for bright, over-reflective, or “cold” listening
environments, thereby regaining that critical natural balance that exemplifies ORATORIO.

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