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The Chord Company Indigo PLUS

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Cable interconexión digital coaxial 1RCA a RCA


The Indigo Plus Digital is built to set new standards in digital signal transmission. The cable was developed in response to the numerous new digital to analogue converters that are now available. The geometry of the cable is based around the configuration used for the Signature Plus and Indigo Plus and the vibration damping acrylic plug surround fitted to the Indigo Plus is also fitted to the Indigo Digital. There however the similarities end. The conductors in the Indigo Plus Digital are solid core and are built from a specially treated re-cast high purity oxygen free copper. We have used this material to extremely good effect in other cables designed for digital signal transmission. The insulation is a gas foamed polyethylene and the shielding system is constructed using a composite of materials to minimise high frequency interference.

Whilst most hi-fi and home cinema enthusiasts are happy to accept the influence that both interconnects and speaker cables can have on the overall sound quality of a system, many people can find the influence that digital cables can prove to have harder to understand. The common reaction is that since the cable is only moving a digital signal, it is not likely to be so effective. However, repeated listening tests using both high quality digital to analogue converters and AV processors have proved that digital cables can have a profound effect on the sound quality of the system they are fitted to. Digital cables are capable of affecting levels of detail, dynamics, sound staging and the tonal characteristics of a system. The improvements the Indigo Plus Digital can bring to a system should not be dismissed lightly.

The Indigo Plus Digital is fitted with high quality gold-plated low mass Chord RCA plugs with a unique vibration damping acrylic plug surround and can also be supplied terminated with high quality silver-plated BNC plugs. We strongly advise against the use of BNC/RCA adaptors

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