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The Chord Company HDMI Matrix


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- Three rear HDMI inputs - One front mini HDMI input (Type C) - Two rear independant HDMI outputs - Remote Control - 1080p picture transfer - ‘Plug & Play’ installation


- Three rear HDMI inputs   
- One front mini HDMI input (Type C)   
- Two rear independant HDMI outputs   
- Remote Control   
- 1080p picture transfer   
- ‘Plug & Play’ installation

Chord HDMI Matrix

Many owners of display panels and projectors have benefited from connecting their components with Chord’s award-winning HDMI Silver Plus cable. However, one of the big problems for early adopters of high definition televisions and projectors is the lack of available HDMI inputs. The Chord HDMI Switching Matrix is the perfect solution for anyone looking for a high quality means of increasing the number of HDMI inputs available to them. The Chord HDMI Switching Matrix will allow up to three full size HDMI equipped components to be connected and switched to one of two outputs. On top of that, there is a front mounted mini HDMI socket to allow for the easy connection of high definition camcorders or games players. The inputs and outputs are switchable via a supplied remote control.

Like all Chord products, picture and sound quality are of paramount importance and the HDMI Switching Matrix has been designed to ensure the highest quality audio and picture signal. The Switching Matrix will carry all digital video signals up to 1080p and all currently available digital audio signals.

Chord HDMI Silver Plus HDMI cables are available in 0.5 metre lengths for tidy connections


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