The Chord Company Chorus Reference DIN to DIN - 17071

The Chord Company Chorus Reference DIN to DIN

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Cable interconexión DIN to DIN 5pin.


“The new Chorus Reference cable is perfectly suited to DIN connectors.”
The Chorus Reference’s use of Aray conductor technology produces a cable that will bring a fresh sense of realism and a closer connection to every piece of music.
Silver-plated conductors arranged in a tri-conductor configuration produce a cable capable of carrying dynamic information and detail to outstanding levels and producing an entirely believable musical coherence across a wide audio frequency. Its performance across high frequencies is particularly special, with cymbals sounding believable in a way that most other cables can’t come near to.
Like every other Chord interconnect cable, a great deal of attention has been paid to ensuring that the shield is effective to high frequencies and the Chorus Reference is fitted with direct silver-plated VEE 3 RCA plugs.
Not every great RCA or XLR cable will work as well when fitted with DIN plugs. The new Chorus Reference though is particularly good. All the benefits that the RCA version brings to a system are more than apparent with the DIN version. Any system requiring DIN or DIN to RCA connections will benefit from the Chorus Reference.
There’s a sense of realism and rightness to every piece of music, however simple or complex, and there’s something new to discover in every piece of music you play.
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The Cable
The Chord Chorus Reference is a new cable design heavily influenced by the ARAY technology developed for our flagship Sarum Tuned ARAY cables. The conductors are build from silver-plated oxygen free copper and insulated with PTFE insulation. The tri-conductor configuration is arranged in a repeating spiral and over-extruded with a soft PVC to provide mechanical damping. The shield is a high frequency effective 95% coverage woven braid in combination with a heavy gauge foil, over-wrapped to provide maximum protection across a wide frequency range. The shields are protected with PVC to provide further mechanical damping.

The Plugs
The Chorus Reference is fitted with Chord’s custom VEE 3 RCA plugs. The new design of the ABS outer shell and the unique silver-plating process applied to the contact areas improves signal transfer across a wide frequency range. The signal return surround provides a secure high pressure contact with all types of RCA sockets The signal return surround provides a secure high pressure contact with all types of RCA sockets. The centre pin is insulated with PTFE and the design of the plug and ABS outer shell provides good strain relief without compressing the cable and compromising performance.
The Chorus RCA/DIN cable is terminated as standard with a 5 pin PREH DIN, the standard fitting for current Naim Audio equipment. We can also supply the Crimson VEE 3 with standard latching DINs and 4 pin DINs
The Cobra VEE3 is available in the following configurations:

5 Pin Din to 2RCA (Naim and Quad)
2 RCA to 5 Pin DIN (Naim and Quad)
5 Pin DIN to 5 Pin DIN (Naim and Quad)
4 PIN to 2RCA (Naim and Quad)
2 RCA to 4 Pin DIN (Naim and Quad)
4 Pin DIN to 4 Pin DIN (Naim and Quad)

Use it with
Chorus Reference uses an adaptation of the ARAY conductor configuration used in the Chord Sarum Tuned ARAY cables. This produces an extremely accurate signal transfer, particularly in terms of detail, dynamics and timing, producing extremely coherent and involving music. This conductor configuration also improves definition, space and produces a sound stage where it is easy to locate individual instruments. This makes the Chorus Reference DIN cable particularly good for connecting high performance sources to pre-amplifiers and amplifiers. It also makes the cable a very good choice as an upgrade connection between pre-amplifiers and power amplifiers. The extra resolution and detail it brings are impressive, as are the improvements to dynamics. The Chorus Reference DIN also produces a particularly strong and stable image as well.
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