The Chord Company Chameleon VEE3 2 XLR - 13635

The Chord Company Chameleon VEE3 2 XLR

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Cable de interconexión (2XLR/2XLR)


Chord Chameleon Plus (Chameleon gets new plugs and revised conductor configuration)

New conductor configuration dramatically improves dynamics, detail and timing.

Conductors: 26 AWG silver-plated multi-strand oxygen free copper conductors. Single signal and twin return semi floating conductor configuration improves definition, timing and detail levels across all frequencies. FEP insulation ensures neutrality and aids transparency and signal transfer speeds. Cotton fibre conductor wrap reduces mechanical noise.

Shielding: High-density 93% coverage woven braid combined with heavy gauge over-wrapped foil shield, effective signal protection across extended bandwidth.
Fully floating dual shield configuration improves micro-dynamics and micro-detail levels. Conductor and shield surrounding jacket built from selected PVC to minimise mechanical induced noise from external sources. Hard PVC outer jacket offers a high degree of protection and prevents impedance changes due to cable compression.

Chord VEE 3 silver-plated RCA plug: The new plug surround takes design cues from the acrylic plug casing fitted to the Chord Sarum interconnects. The material used for the plug casing is ABS with a textured finish that makes the VEE 3 plugs easy to install and remove. The new shape ABS outer shell is combined with a new internal design featuring direct silver-plated signal contacts. The signal insulation block is PTFE and the unique gold-plating process improves signal transfer across all frequencies. The signal return surround contact provides precise high-pressure contact with RCA sockets. The cable clamp combined with the cable design minimises changes to cable impedance that can have a negative effect on sound quality.

Chameleon VEE 3 is available fitted with VEE 3 RCA plugs and XLR plugs.

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