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The Chord Company Anthem Tuned ARAY digital

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Cable digital streaming.


Developing the original Sarum Tuned ARAY cable range was one of the most exciting things we’d ever done; by the time we’d completed the design we knew we had made something very special indeed. It wasn’t just us either. Everyone who heard it realised just what a significant step towards achieving a genuinely musical performance the Sarum Tuned ARAY cables were. Even better, here was a cable range that could let you hear just how great your favourite musicians are and how good your equipment really was. That was one of the things that really shocked us; equipment we thought we knew and understood turned out to be a lot better than we thought. Even better perhaps was the way the Tuned ARAY cables let you hear exactly how good your music collection was as well. Albums that we liked but found challenging to play were suddenly far easier to listen to; here was a cable that positively encouraged you to re-visit your music collection.   

That was brilliant - but what was really inspiring was taking the Tuned ARAY principles and applying them to other cables in the range. First there was the Signature Tuned ARAY cable range, then the Anthem Digital Tuned ARAY and now the Anthem Tuned ARAY streaming cable.

A growing understanding of what Tuned ARAY can do has allowed Chord to make an outstanding streaming cable, and the cable design means that longer runs are viable.

If you are streaming music and you haven’t tried experimenting with alternative connections, the Anthem Tuned ARAY streaming cable would be a very good place to start. Most of our retailers have demonstration cables available, so go have a listen.

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