Sony VPL-DX126 - 17290

Sony VPL-DX126


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Proyector con resolución XGA. 2600 lúmenes. Contraste 2500:1.


El proyector XGA VPL-SX536 es una opción ideal para aplicaciones de proyección a muy corta distancia en mercados empresariales y educativos. Este proyector ofrece:

El modelo tiene un modo de brillo bajo que reduce el consumo de energía y alarga la vida útil de la lámpara a unas 6000 horas, lo que supone una reducción de los gastos operativos generales.

Este proyector resulta ideal para espacios pequeños o complejos. Su ratio de proyección ultracorto puede producir una imagen con un tamaño diagonal de la pantalla de 2,03 m (80") desde tan solo 0,56 – 0,58 m de distancia de la pantalla. Además, sus controles son sencillos de manejar.

El excelente contraste, la continua estabilidad del color, la alta calidad de imagen y su mayor duración incrementan la visibilidad y mejoran la calidad de la enseñanza.

Clear, bright images with maximum 2600 lumens colour light output
Easily view clear presentations in any small- to mid-sized meeting room or boardroom. There’s a choice of three brightness modes to suit any environment, from bright daylight to darkened rooms.

XGA resolution for crisply-detailed presentations
The native XGA (1024 x 768) 4:3 screen resolution panel offers lots of clear detail: perfect for making presentations direct from a laptop, PC or mobile device.

3 LCD BrightEra™ Technology
The efficient 3LCD panel system is enhanced by advanced BrightEra™ technology by Sony. You’ll see the difference with impressively bright, high resolution images and increased panel reliability.

Six Picture Modes to suit any subject
A choice of six picture modes (Dynamic, Standard, Game, Blackboard, Cinema and Presentation) offers optimised picture quality with any source material. Picture modes can be combined with three brightness modes (High, Standard, Low) to suit virtually any presentation requirement.

Generous throw ratio adjustment
The versatile 1.47 - 1.77:1 throw ratio adjustment range accommodates easy setup in most room sizes.

Vertical Keystone Adjustment
Even if the projector is aligned too high or too low in relation to the screen, keystone adjustment electronically adjusts the projected image for an accurately-proportioned picture with true verticals.

Smart APA (Auto Pixel Alignment)
Phase, Pitch and Shift values are automatically optimised when using the projector with a PC source.

Present wirelessly from your mobile device
The supplied IFU-WLM3 USB Wi-Fi module allows easy cable-free connection with other devices, from PCs to smartphones or tablets. Download the Pixelworks VueMagic Pro app for iOS and make wireless presentations direct from your iPhone or iPad (Android available late 2013).

Deliver networked presentations from any PC
It’s easy to project presentations from a network-connected PC, either wirelessly (using supplied Wi-Fi module) or via a LAN cable. Projector functions and status can also be monitored and managed remotely from any PC on the network.

View image files straight from USB
Slip in a USB drive to effortlessly display photos, images and graphics with no PC needed.

Get closer with Digital Zoom
Instantly magnify a selected portion of the screen by up to 4x for a really close-up view of images from a connected PC.

Up to 7000 hours lamp life for reduced maintenance and down time
Longer lamp life and reduced maintenance contributes directly to lower lifetime ownership costs. Filter cleaning cycles are synchronised with lamp replacement, cutting scheduled maintenance visits even further.

Save energy at the touch of a button
Easily select power-saving Eco Modes with a single button push; additional Eco settings are easily accessible via intuitive menus.

Auto Dimming
Projector brightness is gradually reduced automatically if there’s no input signal, or after a pre-set time – cutting power consumption and saving energy bills.

Picture Mute (Instant Off/On)
Touch a button on the projector remote and the picture’s muted instantly – cutting power consumption down to 30% and saving lamp hours. Another touch and the projector’s instantly powered back up to resume your presentation. There’s also a separate button to mute audio only.

Off and Go
Switch off and unplug at the end of your presentation, then move on to your next meeting while the projector is still cooling down without damage to the lamp.

Direct Power On/Off
There’s no need to go through Standby mode when powering up the projector: the projector activates as soon as power is supplied.

Auto Input Search
The projector automatically switches to the correct input, simplifying set-up and saving time.

Audio switcher facility
The projector can select between two audio sources, routing them via a variable audio output to the room amplification system.

Security that’s built in
Your investment’s protected with security measures including password protection, panel key lock, mechanical security lock and anti-theft bar.

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