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Rega Exon 3

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Etapa de potencia mono 125 W.


The Exon 3 is a high performance symmetrical circuit power amplifier housed in the new Rega built extruded aluminium case with heat sink. Rega has improved on the original Exon power amplifier but still kept the same level of sonic performance and synergy as the original.

The Exon 3 Amplifier has a fully protected output stage with DC and electronic thermal protection and supply monitor for both transformers. High performance Evox polypropylene capacitors have been used in the signal path.

The power Amplifier uses a fully symmetrical circuit topology throughout, with a low distortion high linearity and bandwidth common base voltage amplifier driver stage. This type of circuit topology will provide the necessary voltage swing, to enable the Exon to drive the speaker system with the minimum of distortion. Four sanken 200 watt output transistors are used in a "triple" high current output stage, thus enabling the Exon to drive the most awkward of speaker systems. Circuit modelling and listening tests have been used to give the highest level of sonic performance and reliability.

The power supply uses two generously rated toroidal transformers with high-grade core material, combined with 37,600mF of parallel connected smoothing capacitors, providing more than enough current to drive the hardest of loads. All input and driver stages are fed from a fully regulated supply providing a stabilised voltage, ensuring the highest level of sonic purity.

Exon 3 features and improvements:

The high current supply utilises fast recovery diodes in the rectifier. These diodes generate less high frequency switching noise therefore giving rise to a cleaner DC supply feeding the high current power-output stage. High performance Cerafine capacitors are used in all the critical positions within the amplifier circuit. These along with high performance Evox polypropylene capacitors in the signal path, yield the best sonic performance and musical results.

The Exon 3 uses high performance low noise Sanken transistors in the symmetrical differential input amplifier. FSC Quattro is used in the internal speaker wiring and this combined with improved speaker binding posts will result in a better sonic performance and musical results.

The improvements to the power supply and the internal wiring plus the up-grades to the capacitors & transistors, all combine to give a significant improvement to the over all performance of this already high performance amplifier.

      Remarkable sound quality.
      125w per channel @ 8W.
      200w per channel @ 4W.
      Symmetrical Circuit.
      Regulated power supply.
      Rega custom built extruded aluminium case.
      High Thermal efficiency heat sink.
      Dual Toroidal transformer power supply.
      Four 200w Sanken output transistor
      Common base driver stage.
      Can drive the most awkward of speaker systems.
      System compatible with a gain of 28dB.
      Full flexibility within the range.
      BI-amplifier upgrade for the Mira amplifier.
      Forms a pre-power system with the Cursa pre-amplifier.
      Twin parallel input sockets.

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