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Rega Cursa 3 MM

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The Rega Cursa 3 Amplifier is a high performance audio pre-amplifier using the Improved "type 3" Rega Alpha-Encoder control system comprising of high quality loss-less relays, and a digitally controlled analog switched resistor network volume control. The Cursa 3 is housed in the Rega custom-built extruded aluminum case.
Rega has further improved the technical & sonic performance by using a dual FET differential input stage within the discrete Op-Amp circuit.Evox Polypropylene capacitors have been used in the signal path. The flexibility has been further improved by adding a second Tape input.

The Cursa 3 is a fully remote controlled pre amplifier with full flexibility within the range. There are three phono input plug in card options; of Moving Magnet, Moving Coil & standard Line level.

There are two Power amplifier outputs, which can be set to any one of the three different output levels. This enables the Cursa to drive most types of power amplifiers with a sensitivity of 0.2V to 1.7V (please note the 1.7V output level requires an input sensitivity of 0.3V).

Volume control

The Rega Cursa 3 amplifier volume control utilizes a digitally controlled analog switched resistor network; with a high performance discrete FET input circuit being used as the amplifier.
The volume level is controlled via a microprocessor, which in turn takes its information from the volume digital encoder on the front panel or remote control handset. The volume control has a resolution of 1dB per step, giving a total range of 80 steps over the available gain or volume range of 80dB. There is a calibrated LED display comprising of 20 LED's, which indicates the gain level or relative position of the volume control; this is calibrated in 4dB steps, across the total gain or volume range. The left and right channels are matched and balanced within 0.2dB, ensuring a centrally placed soundstage no matter what the volume position or which gain level has been set.
The stepped resistive networks of the volume control are placed in the feedback and input circuits of the FET input discrete line amplifier, thereby optimizing the gain of the line amplifier for the best signal to noise ratio. Also, the stepped resistive network provides the amplifier input with constant input impedance, providing the source component (CD, tuner, tape etc) with a constant impedance load and eliminating the possible changes in sound quality with different volume control positions.

# Improved version 3 Rega Alpha-Encoder control system.
# Digital control of the analog switched resistor volume control and input relays.
# Calibrated LED electronic volume display.
# High performance switched resistor volume control.
# High performance Evox Polypropylene capacitors used in the signal path.
# Rega Custom built extruded aluminum.
# Two tape inputs.
# Twin parallel output sockets.
# Discrete Operational Amplifier circuit topology.
# MM, MC & Line options on "Phono" input.
# Three different output levels of 0.2, 0.6 & 1.2Volts.
# Full flexibility within the range.
# Forms a pre-power system with the Maia & Exon power-amplifiers.
# High quality Plated Through Hole printed circuit board.

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