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Primare A 32

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Etapa de potencia estereo 2 x 250w


The A32 is a high power fully balanced power amplifier, conservatively rated to be capable of delivering 2 x 250 watts into an 8 ohms load and 2 x 400watts into a 4 ohms load.

It is equipped with a fully balanced signal transmission, keeping the signal as free as possible from interference.

Both balanced and unbalanced inputs are provided, as well twin speaker terminals for biwiring, a trigger input and RS232C inputs. If the unbalanced inputs are used the A32 internally converts the signal to balanced, to take full advantage of it’s balanced design.

One massive 1.500VA toroidal transformer features four separate windings, two for each (L&R) channel. Yet another separate transformer is powering the digital functions. This ensures that no digital disturbance can be transferred into the analogue part of the amplifier.

A practical feature is the choice between two standby modes. The first requires no warm up time, as only the speaker relay and bias is switched of. The second standby-mode turns off all of the analogue power supplies. Therefore this mode should be used only when the amplifier remains inactive for a longer period of time, or when the owner wants to save mains-power.

With the A32 Primare has entered the world of super amps.


Output Power:
2 x 250 W / 8 Ohm
2 x 400 W / 4 Ohm   
   2 XLR
Other Inputs:
   4-15 V Trigger
Frequency Response:
   20Hz - 100kHz -0.5dB
   1kHz, 250W, 8 ohm load: below 0.01%
Signal to Noise:
   below -100dBV
Input Impedance:
   15kohm, RCA and XLR   
   26dB unblanced, 20dB balanced
Power Consumption:
OFF, but mainswitch ON: below 2Watt.
Standby: 40Watt
Operate idle: 170W.
Dimensions (WxDxH):
Colour Options:
   Black or Titanium

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