Grandview PS-C103WB - 10582

Grandview PS-C103WB


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Pantalla fija, 2.35:1. 103".


Tension Design.
The steel tension bars along with the fixing lugs strech and tightens the screen fabric for it to be completely flat and wrinkle-free. The tension can adjusted to ensure a evenly tensioned surface.

One button release.
By pressing the One Button Uninstall located under the install brackets, the whole screen can easily be taken down for cleaning.

- Format: 2.35:1
- Specification (Inch): 103"
- Viewing Area WxH (mm): 2407x1025
- B (mm): 80/10
- C (mm): 600
- L (mm): 2695/2801
- Net (kg): 12.6/15.8
- Net/Gross Weight (kg): 20/22.3

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