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Grandview IC100HTT


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Pantalla motorizada con tensionado lateral para empotrar a techo. 16:9, 100".


Features the High Definition PS SeriesFlexible Fabric and Tension System which ensures the screen is always flat.
With a designer aluminium alloy casing design. It provides a modern lightweight yet ridig structure.
The recessed design is made ti integrate into any environment.
This screen features the Separated Casing patented technology that reduces noise and vibrations. This helps to eliminate the common noise problem caused by the friction between the screen case and ceiling.
Available for all celings.

- Format: 16:9
- Specification (Inch): 100"
- Viewing Area WxH (mm): 2214x1245
- L (mm): 2828
- A (mm): 1896
- B1 (mm): 100
- B2 (mm): 55
- B3 (mm): 400
- Package LxHxM (mm): 2938x260x226
- Net/Groos Weight (kg): 30.5/34.5
- Power (voltage 220V): 115W

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