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Cool Valve ECC 88 con damper incluido. Substituta de:E88CC, 6DJ8, 6922. Precio por unidad.



The EAT ECC88 is a special quality double triode. The tube satisfi es the specifi cations in accordance with MIL-E-1/1J168 (NAVY) from 18. 6. 1958.
Quick reference data:

Life 10 000 hours
Low interface resistance
Mechanical quality Shock and vibration resistant
Base Noval. Gold plate pins
Heating Indirect A. C. or D. C. ; parallel suply
Heater voltage Vf 6.3 V
Heater current If 300 mA
Anode curent Ia 15 mA
Mutual conductance S 12.5 mA/V
Equivalent noise resistance Req 300
Noise factor (f = 200 MHz) F 4.6 dB
Tight tolerances: In these tubes the tolerance of electrical ratings are reduced in comparision with standard tubes.
Vibration and shock proof: The tube withstands accelerationns of 2,5 g at 50Hz for lenghty periods and
momentary shocks of 500g for short periods.
Cathode free from Interface: The cathode establishes no interface even in case where the heated tube is
operated without plate current over lenghty periods.
Anode voltage Vao Max. 550 V
Anode voltage (Zero cathode current) Va Max. 400 V
Anode voltage Va Max. 220 V
Anode voltage (Max. anode dissipation 0,8 W) Va Max. 250 V
Anode dissipation Wa Max. 1,5 W
Anode dissipation
(Max. anode dissipation of section 1 plus section 2 = 2 W)
Wa Max. 1,8 W
Grid dissipation Wg Max. 30 mW
Grid voltage -Vg Max. 100 V
Grid peak voltage
(Max. pulse duration 200 μsec)
(Max. duty factor 0,1)
-Vgp Max. 200 V
Cathode current Ik Max. 20 mA
Cathode peak current
(Max. pulse duration 200 μsec)
(Max. duty factor 0,1)
Ikp Max. 100 mA
Voltage between cathode and heather
Cathode positive Vkf Max. 150 V
Cathode negative Vkf Max. 100 V
Bulb temperature (Absolute max.) tbulb Max. 170 ˚C
Grid resistor (Anode current < 5 mA) Rg max. 1 M
Heather voltage: The average heather voltage should be 6,3 V.
Variations of the heather voltage exceeding the range of 6,0 V to 6,6 V will shorten the tube life. The tolerance of
heather current (column II) should be taken into account.
Substitutes: E88CC, 6DJ8, 6922

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