USB/Optical Digital Audio Converter (DAC)


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USB/Optical Digital Audio Converter (DAC) will convert a digital audio signal to analogue, whilst simultaneously outputting a digital optical signal. It is designed for easy installation of USB or optical sources and can be powered by USB or via the included PSU. The optical output can be linked with an amplifier or any sound system with optical SPDIF input, whilst the analogue stereo output can be connected to a TV or amplifier/speakers, for a simultaneous analogue stereo output.
•USB 2.0 full speed compatible.
•USB/Optical Digital Audio Converter (DAC).
•USB audio device class specification v1.0 Compatible.
•Optical sampling rate supports up to 192 kHz, 24bit.
•USB Audio Support - High performance 16-bit Stereo, 48/44.1 kHz sampling rate.
•Low power consumption.
•USB or PSU powered (PSU supplied).
•Simultaneous analogue & optical stereo output.
Inputs 1 x Mini USB, 1 x Optical (Toslink)
Outputs 2 x Analogue L/R, 1 x Optical (Toslink)
Power 5V DC - PSU Supplied or USB Cable powered
Dimensions 90mm (W) x 120mm (D) x 25mm (H)
Gross Weight 460g
Net. Weight 300g

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