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Performance Usb

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Performance USB Audio Cable


    * Transparent's first USB cable specifically designed for computer audio applications.
    * Large gauge conductors allow for accurate signal transfer up to 30 feet compared with computer USB cables which are limited to a few meters.
    * For the first time, computers can be located away from audio components without compromising performance.
    * Precision construction techniques and superior noise rejection result in a richer, more natural sound compared with computer USB cables.
    * Low noise dielectrics and double shielding provide superior noise performance for better resolution of musical details and a wider dynamic range.


    * Standard termination: USB A > USB B.
    * Lengths: 1 meter, 2 meter, 10 feet, 15 feet, 20 feet, 30 feet.
    * Transparent recommends following your USB DAC manufacturer's recommendations regarding USB audio cable length.
    * Note: some computer USB outputs can not drive longer lengths of typical USB audio cables. Transparent Performance USB Audio Cable is a high resolution, high speed cable that will pass a high quality DAC signal over longer lengths than expected with a wide assortment of computer interfaces. If your installation requires a USB cable longer than 15 feet, however, please arrange an audition of a 20 or 30 foot Transparent Performance USB Audio Cable in your system.

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